caught up with MotoGP Championship Quest co-founder and MotoGP aficionado Graeme Warring at last year’s MotoGP round at Phillip Island, and this year the 2017 MotoGP Championship Quest has seen massive success, particularly in Italy and Spain where it has topped the App charts.

MotoGP Championship Quest - Jack Miller

MotoGP Championship Quest – Jack Miller

When we caught up with Graeme at Phillip Island, Jack Miller was dominating the MotoGP Fan World Championship that is run through the app, and Phillip Island was seeing over 80,000 races a day, representing 6,000 hours of Phillip Island action alone.

The MotoGP Championship Quest offers players an opportunity to race the famous international circuits which make up the MotoGP calendar, and is actually based on the telemetry from Marc Marquez’s rides, as well as input from a number of other sources, ensuring that the tracks are true to life representations, as is the racing itself.

MotoGP Championship Quest

MotoGP Championship Quest

Best of all you can take part in the competition, with winners awarded for each Fan World Championship ‘season’, with each season lasting a week, ensuring there’s plenty of opportunities to prove your mettle against your peers.

You can take part either by earning diamonds playing the game and purchasing your prefered rider, who you’ll race as, or if you’re the impatient sort, you can purchase currency with real money to quicken the process. The choice is yours, but you can choose to play without spending any money.

MotoGP Championship Quest

MotoGP Championship Quest

The game itself is easy to get the hang of but hard to master, rewarding the skill of players, with the game designed to properly represent the different rider and machine choices you can make.

The winner each week is awarded with a MotoGP T-Shirt and Trophy, plus the bragging rights of course.

The app is available for iOS and Android via the operating system’s marketplace and can be played anytime you’ve got a minute free. Apparently it was quite popular with the MotoGP riders last year when they had some time free!

You can find more information at the MotoGP Championship Quest website.

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