It's been six months of daily riding with the Macna Individi Jeans for Zane. Check out how well it held up, spanning across three seasons of riding... Words and Photos: Zane Dobie.

It’s been six months since i received new Winter riding gear from Link International. Since then, the AGV K3 S-V, Macna Individi and Macna Imbuz have become part of my go-to gear when it comes time to throw a leg over a bike.

The Macna Individi jeans have been put to the test over the past six months in plenty of different weather conditons.

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When the Macna Individi jeans turned up, I wasn’t overly fussed on the design at first but I was impressed by the comfort and durability of them. These were another pair I wore on that fateful 10 hour rain ride and they held their ground against the cold weather to keep me as warm as I’ve ever felt in jeans in the rain.

The Individi jeans held up well in the rain and cold weather despite not being typical winter riding gear.

Being in my early 20s, I think I have a fairly good grasp of what’s in fashion and what’s not. While the stretch accordion panels do make the pants more comfortable overall, that style went out the window quite a few years ago. While the pants are more than comfortable enough to wear off the bike and don’t look out of place, they’re not exactly something I would wear to a date or dinner.

They were pleasant to wear and unlike the riding jeans I have worn in the past, they required little to no break in before they started getting comfortable. They also featured a really tough button system at the front which is something I didn’t even consider what would happen to a conventional zipper system in an accident. The buttons seem to lock in place and won’t come undone unless you really want them to, ensuring the pants don’t come undone in an accident.

Supreme knee and shin protection blended in well with the style of the jeans, allowing for an easy fit.

Overall, while the Individi jeans weren’t exactly my favourite style. But, they’re still the pair of jeans I reach for when I’m looking for comfortable gear on a sunny day. I wouldn’t be too keen on wearing them in the rain again but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I got stuck out in the wet.

Macna Individi Tech Talk
The Macna Individi are a slim fit pair of jeans with a bike touch. The stretch accordion panels around the knees and backside add comfort and give the jeans a rugged look. The Individi are designed to blend in with normal clothing and will look great on and off the bike.

Topped off with Aramid reinforcements with Safe Tech CE protection at the knee and a CE hip protector. The Individi have a bunch of features to keep you safe in the event of an accident, you can pick them up for an RRP of $299.95 RRP in sizes 30-42.

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