Take disc lock security to the next level with the Kovix Alarmed Disc Lock, offering the protection of a disc lock, alongside a loud movement sensitive alarm...

After having my garage broken in too, Jeff kindly offered to let me use the Kovix alarmed disc lock he’s been testing, at least until we add additional security – giving me a bit of peace of mind and ensuring no one would be moving my bike, especially without someone knowing about it!

Kovix Alarmed Disc Lock Bike Review 2The Kovix disc lock is just like a regular disc lock, it’s relatively small – just the right size to carry in your jacket pocket if necessary and is easy to lock onto your rotor.

What sets it apart is the fact it includes a 120dB alarm that is activated by movement! I got to see the alarm in action when I parked at work only to hear the alarm going off a short time later. One of my mates had decided to see what the Kovix disc lock was and had bumped the bike setting it off!

For any would be thief the 120dB siren ensures anyone nearby knows exactly what is going on if your bike is moved, ensuring they don’t get the opportunity to stuff around without attracting attention.

Plus for those times when you might be worried about kids or pets knocking the bike, you can disable the alarm by pressing the key down twice, prior to locking it onto the bike.

The alarm is also a nifty removable unit that you can access when the disc lock isn’t fitted to a bike with an allen key, allowing a new battery to be fitted to ensure your disc lock alarm is in working order. The battery is a lithium CR2 battery and is said to last 8-10 months, but the lock will beep when it’s getting low to warn you that it’s time for a new battery.

Kovix Alarmed Disc Lock Bike Review 1The lock itself waits five seconds after being locked to arm and will then beep to let you know that you are good to go, and five seconds after this if moved will commence the 10 seconds of beeping, followed by the siren.

Build quality is also very solid and is waterproof, coming in a variety of colours, from the super-bright yellow and neon-orange, to the more subdued black and stainless steel. Even better – the Kovix alarmed disc lock is just $69.95 RRP.

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