Gaerne have released their latest riding boots, the G.Voyager. They combine all the style of an Italian designed shoe with the protection of a motorcycle boot to keep you safe...

Gaerne have just released the latest in their boot range. The G.Voyager boots combine style and safety into one pair of footwear. Gaerne have made the G.Voyager boots with comfort in mind by adding all their top of the range safety features into a standard looking shoe.

The G.Voyager look like a normal shoe but have all the protection of a riding boot, with the ease of zippers for a tight fit.

Gaerne Australia launched the G.Voyager GoreTex, with its Italian style combined with their specialist motorcycle boot maker safety, and now a Goretex waterproof and breathable lining for more comfortable riding in Australian conditions, it makes the G.Voyager a great boot in disguise.

For the design Gaerne say they were inspired by the world of fashion, but in regards to the technical aspect they are equipped with protection in the ankles area, reinforcements in the heel and on the shift pad. The rubber sole is non-slip and locking system makes use of laces and external zip.

Available in plenty of sizes, with an RRP of $299.95, contact your local motorcycle store for availability info.

If you want more info about the G.Voyager boots, you can head to the Gaerne website here. If you are interested in purchasing a pair, contact Cassons and they will find a store that stocks them near you or direct you to an online purchasing system.


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