1-Ducati World Premiere 2016Milan, Italy, 16 November 2015 ? Streamed live all around the globe, the Ducati World Premire 2016 saw the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer unveil its new bikes for the 2016 range on the eve of EICMA 2015. Buoyed by the just-achieved target of 50,000 bike sales and brimming with new products, innovative technology and plans for the future, it’s a solid, confident Ducati that’s heading to the event in Milan. These are true dream bikes: ready to thrill the swathes of enthusiasts soon to descend on the 73rd edition of the International Motorcycle Show to be held at the Milan-Rho trade fair from 19 to 22 November.

The press conference offered Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, a perfect opportunity to unveil the latest bikes and sum up developments on the market and at Ducati. Against the backdrop of a global market that is expanding yet still way behind pre-recession performance, Ducati not only continues to grow but has done so with a final end-of-year spurt.

“In 2015 Ducati sold over 50,000 bikes: a huge success that was achieved without growth being a goal in itself: it was, rather, the result of our customers being extremely satisfied with our products”, stated Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding during the presentation press conference.

“After a long period of shrinkage, the motorcycle market is now showing promising signs of recovery and this, together with the effects of continuous product innovation and geographical expansion into new markets, has allowed us to increase sales in the first ten months of 2015 by more than 20% with respect to last year. This is an outstanding result, thanks also to the success of the Ducati Scrambler, a brand that won over new fans immediately.

The title of the Ducati World Premire 2016 was ‘More than Red: Black, Wild and Pop?. The message is clear: Ducati is strongly rooted in the sports motorcycle world and is continuing to extend its reach. And that means expansion into new segments: Black like the XDiavel, a true cruiser; Wild like the Multistrada 1200 Enduro, a bike to break down the barriers on any terrain; Pop like the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, an even lighter Ducati Scrambler with all the appeal of its smaller 400 cc engine.

In total we have 7 new bikes at EICMA 2015. These, together with the Monster 1200 R, already presented at Frankfurt, and a new Ducati Scrambler version developed jointly with Italian Independent to be presented at the end of the year, bring the number of new Ducati bikes for 2016 to nine.

The Ducati World Premire 2016 showcased several new bikes: two new Ducati Scramblers, the Flat Track Pro version and the all-new Sixty2; the new Hypermotard 939, Hypermotard 939 SP and Hyperstrada 939 family; the new Panigale 959; the Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak; the new Multistrada 1200 Enduro and the eagerly awaited XDiavel.


One of the most eagerly awaited bikes at EICMA 2015 was undoubtedly the XDiavel: in short, the -black – world cited in the title of the Ducati World Premire 2016. This intriguing new bike sees Ducati enter the Cruiser world in its own inimitable way by presenting a true cruiser that has all the design, technology and performance one expects from a Ducati thoroughbred. Called the XDiavel, it brings together two worlds: the Cruiser world – low speeds, relaxed riding and long journeys – and the Ducati world, characterised by Italian style, refined engineering and unparalleled performance.

The XDiavel offers both the low speed excitement that comes from the relaxed riding and further-forward footpegs typical of a cruiser and the adrenaline rush of sports riding that Ducati has made its own. That’s what the X in XDiavel stands for: the merging of two apparently separate, distant worlds on one bike, a superb combination where both are accomplished without compromise.

5,000, 60, 40. Three numbers that sum up the XDiavel concept.

  • 5,000 as in the rpm at which the new twin-cylinder 156 hp Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 engine achieves maximum torque (13.1 kgm).
  • 60 as in the number of different ergonomic configurations for the rider.
  • Lastly, 40, as in the maximum attainable lean angle. The XDiavel is the first Ducati to use belt-type final transmission, a must within the Cruiser world.

The Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), together with Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Riding Modes, Bosch Cornering ABS, Cruise Control and the innovative Ducati Power Launch (DPL) system, make the XDiavel a technological gem offering high performance and safety. An S version of the XDiavel is also available.


The all-new Multistrada 1200 Enduro opens up a whole new ?Wild? world and represents Ducati’s entry into the maxi-enduro segment. Born to explore, unstoppable on any terrain, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro is a full-optional bike designed to satisfy even the most demanding globetrotter.

Moreover, it’s a maxi-enduro that has specifically been designed and built to handle the stress and strain of off-road riding. Thanks to spoked wheels 19in at the front and 17in at the rear – the Multistrada 1200 Enduro is perfect for long adventure rides.

Featuring electronic semi-active Sachs suspension (front and rear) and a 30-litre fuel tank, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro is at home on any terrain and is unstoppable thanks to a range that can exceed 450 kilometres. On the Multistrada 1200 Enduro Cornering ABS, Cornering Lights (DCL), Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) and the semi-active Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS) Evolution system, with 200 mm of wheel travel, all come as standard.

Moreover, Vehicle Hold Control (VHC) has been introduced to aid uphill starts. Lastly, in parallel with the Multistrada 1200 Enduro itself, a broad range of dedicated accessories – the most important being an aluminium luggage set – has also been developed.


The ‘Pop’ segment, the third of the ‘new worlds’ that Ducati has entered with its new 2016 bikes, just had to have a link to the Scrambler ‘Land of Joy’. The Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 doesn’t just extend the range on offer from the new Ducati brand: it opens the way for a new two-wheel segment that meets the requirements of those seeking an affordable bike that’s easy to handle and has low running costs, but simply can’t do without that unique Ducati Scrambler spirit: fun and shared thrills.

The Sixty2 is a Ducati Scrambler that draws its inspiration from youth street culture, skateboards, street food, pop music and, above all, the pop art that, back in 1962 (the year the very first Ducati Scrambler was launched), was taking the United States by storm. That’s why the Sixty2, a true “people’s” Ducati Scrambler, is already a “pop icon”.

With the Sixty2, the highly expressive Ducati Scrambler design takes on a fresh look thanks to a slimline steel tank with dedicated graphics and logos. This makes the Sixty2 immediately recognisable, as do its three exclusive colours.

Anti-conformist, affordable and essential, the Sixty2 once again provides that perfect Ducati Scrambler mix of tradition and modernity, a mix now closer than ever to the essence of motorcycling: two wheels and a simple 399 cc engine that guarantees tons of fun.

Wide handlebars and a long seat ensure a comfortable, relaxed riding position. The low barycentre and a new 160/60 x 17in rear tyre with a slightly chunky surface pattern ensure great handling and pure enjoyment whatever the situation, not to mention confident braking thanks to the as-standard ABS. (The Scrambler Sixty2 will be LAMs approved for Australia and New Zealand)

Also in attendance at the Ducati World Premire 2016 were some of Ducati’s top riders. Both official MotoGP riders – Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone – were there to ride the new Hypermotards 939 onto the stage; the event also saw Davide Giugliano in the spotlight on the new Panigale 959 (he’s now ready to return to the track on his SBK following a serious fall at Laguna Seca). Also present in Milan was Troy Bayliss, there to endorse – and sing the praises of – the Flat Track Pro version of the Ducati Scrambler.

The Ducati World Premire 2016 also offered a perfect opportunity to officially inform all the fans and enthusiasts watching the live feed of the dates for the next WDW, the legendary two-yearly Ducatisti global gathering. This is now set to take place from 1 to 3 July 2016.

In addition to the bikes, Ducati also presented a host of new accessories, special parts and a new clothing collection for 2016; the latter featuring both the more ‘technical’ items and eye-catching apparel and accessories fully dedicated to the Ducati Scrambler world. A preview of the collection took place at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia in Milan, an event that saw press, public and fans make their way through the engagingly original Ducati Scrambler ‘Land of Joy’.

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