Yamaha Motor Australia (YMA) is excited to announce a new partnership with Transmoto enduro events for 2016, starting with the legendary Transmoto 12-Hour at Batemans Bay in NSW on 27-28 February.

Now into its sixth iteration, the Transmoto 12-Hour is an event focused on fun, not officialdom. The concept takes the focus off racing and places it heavily on the enjoyment and excitement that comes with challenging your friends.

YMA’s support for Transmoto’s Enduro Events harmonises core values shared by both brands; that is, creating and enhancing experiences for a wide range of customers.

YMA’s Divisional Manager MC/ATV/ROV, Denis Roberts, recognises the value in Transmoto’s grassroots-styled events and the opportunities they provide.

“Yamaha customers range from the smallest two-wheel riders, up to large capacity four-wheel enthusiasts,” Roberts says.

“Transmoto events place the importance of enjoyment and participation over racing and winning.

“While Yamaha is focused on the latter, we’re also continually looking for opportunities to create even greater experiences for our customers. We’re very much looking forward to partnering with such a forward-thinking media and event company.”

Transmoto’s 12-Hour is a dirt bike event that caters to riders of all levels and entries are limited.

For more information about Transmoto enduro events or to secure your spot for the 2016 Transmoto 12-Hour, click here.

Transmoto 2015, Image: Transmoto.com.au

Transmoto 2015, Image: Transmoto.com.au

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