Recently, Brough Superior added a unique feature to the factory website. This feature will assist interested owners of the new Lawrence model to choose an individual finish and trim on their motorcycle, or even just create a screen saver, Brough Superior want to make your dreams come true!

You can select options on the new configurator such as tank colour, wheel styling and different seats.

The Lawrence configurator will give you a chance to check out all the options Brough Superior have on offer. It will also give you the opportunity to create your dream motorcycle made from all of the best materials on the market, head here to check it out.

Currently the Lawrence is the only one on offer, but it truely is an amazing bike. Hand-built with the best materials available, such as Titanium, carbon-fibre and aluminium, the Lawrence benefited from the strong local aeronautical industry network to be developed.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Lawrence, you’ll have to jump on one quickly as only 188 will be made.

The engine has been developed internally by the Brough Superior engineers. Brough Superior claim the production technology and the engineering skills that are required to build this bike partly come from the aeronautical industry that is very influential in the region of Toulouse, France.

Only 188 editions of this beautiful motorcycle will be produced. The number 188 is echoing the birth date of T.E. Lawrence: 1888. So be sure to jump onto the website to create your new motorbike today!

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