Fonzarelli Australia have announced the latest stock of the multi award-winning NKD electric bike has hit showroom floors. If you’re looking to make the switch to electric then head into your local dealership now to book a test ride as there are plenty of trim levels to choose from!

Check out the video above for all the details and features on the only electric motorcycle made in Australia. Former Australian racing car driver, Adam Kaplan says his NKDs is the perfect urban assault vehicle for Noosa. 

Check out our video review of the NKD here…

“The power delivery makes my pillion and I laugh every time we give it a squirt, and it’s sure footed and stable to ride. I love overtaking unsuspecting vehicles uphill with 2 up” he says.

The NKD is available in multiple different trim and power levels, so it’s imperative you take one for a test ride before deciding on one. Luckily, Fonzarelli have you sorted! Head to their website here to find out about all the power options!

You can secure your Fonzarelli NKD with a deposit of just $200. Head to their website to get yours now!

With models delivered from Darwin to Hobart, Fonzarelli say they are proud to have NKD Owners in each State & Territory of Australia. NKD test rides are becoming available in most capital cities of Australia so you can experience the power of this street legal beast in: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. If you’re located outside of the capitals and want to experience NKD you can register your interest here. After deciding on your model, you can request an e-quote here.

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