Kawasaki Australia have announced that their popular face masks are back in stock on their online store. With Melbourne back in lockdown and Australia having random COVID-19 clusters, grab a decent quality face mask now before they run out of stock again!

Kawasaki have released their line-up of genuine branded face masks, you’ll have to jump on one fast before they run out of stock again. Head to their website to pick one up for just $9.99.

For just $9.99 plus postage you have a choice between four different designs but a limited number of each design is available. If your favourite has sold out, please check the other styles!

The fabric mask is can be washed 25 times so can an avoid waste from disposable masks, has adjustable straps for a snug fit, has water and dust repellent qualities and come packed in a sealed bag to ensure it stays bacteria free!

If you’re after a sweet Kawasaki branded mask for COVID restrictions or you just want to block out dust and dirt while working on your ride, then click here. Check out Kawasaki’s full catalogue of genuine accessories for you and your bike while you’re at it.


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