Kawasaki Motors Australia have confirmed that the all-new Z500, Ninja 500, Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z 7 Hybrid models will be on sale Down Under. There are also two new KX230 models updated with ABS on the way. Here is what we know so far, with more to come next month…

The all-new Kawasaki Z500 and Ninja 500 models are LAMS approved and set to arrive Down Under next month. The 451cc parallel twin-cylinder models make 33.4kW@9000rpm and 42.6Nm@6000rpm, less than the 35kW/37Nm Ninja and Z400 models, possibly due to stricter emissions engineering.

Both bikes feature revised styling, LED headlight and taillight, a newly designed LCD dash and smartphone connectivity. You can read the full details on the Ninja 500 here, and the Z500 here.

The trusty Kawasaki KLX230 range gets updated versions with ABS for 2024. Expect to see the new 230 S ABS and 230 SM ABS later this year, in July / November. Check out our KLX230 reviews here.

The Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z 7 Hybrid models are confirmed for the Australian market but pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed. You can read our Ninja 7 Hybrid test here.

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