Yamaha’s MX2 race team, Serco Yamaha, have positioned themselves well after the opening round of the MX Nationals in Wonthaggi, Victoria, with Mitch Evans landing on the podium in third place directly ahead of team mate Jackson Richardson in fourth.

Evans will claim bragging rights within the team and the family, as they are cousins, until round two as he more than exceeded expectations at his very first MX2 round of the MX Nationals.

The 2016 MXD winner kept a low profile in the lead up to the opening round as he trained back at his north Queensland base. He had clearly done the work as a much slimmer and more defined Evans showed up at round one and was determined to get a reward for his pre-season efforts.

2017 MX Nationals - Round 1 - Mitch Evans

2017 MX Nationals – Round 1 – Mitch Evans

Evans posted 4-4 results in the two motos contested in a consistently fast paced performance. Evans was towards the front in the early stages of both motos and sitting inside the top six. His fitness proved to be a key factor in his result as he was able to pass riders in the later stages of both motos and finish on equal points with his team-mate and cousin but gets the podium position based on a higher finish in the second race.

“I’m extremely happy to get on the podium at my first round of MX2,” Evans states. “Myself and the team had a more modest goal in mind so to go better is awesome and a great start to the championship.

“I worked really hard over the off season and now that I have the time to dedicate to ride and train I really want to improve and be the best racer I can be. This is the little confidence boost I need and it shows that I’m on the right track,” Evans ends.

As mentioned, Evans equalled team mate Jackson Richardson on points but the 4-4 of Evans edged out the 2-7 results of Richardson.

2017 MX Nationals - Round 1 - Jackson Richardson

2017 MX Nationals – Round 1 – Jackson Richardson

Richardson blasted to the lead in the opening moto and together with fellow Yamaha rider, Wilson Todd, the duo gapped the rest of the field. Richardson resisted challenge after challenge from Todd but finally relented the lead position just past the halfway stage. Richardson stayed close to Todd but was unable to regain the lead and had to settle for second place.

Race two and Richardson fell on the opening lap after trying to force a pass into second position. As the majority of the field raced by, Richardson remounted and set off in pursuit of the pack trying to salvage as many points as possible in the 20minute race.

He clawed his way to a respectable seventh place finish and wound up in fourth place for the round.

“I probably tried to rush that pass on the opening lap of race two,” Richardson said with reflection at the end of the day. “I was determined to win moto two but that mistake ended any chance I had and I need to learn from that and ensure that I don’t make the same error again.

“But two great starts, good speed and my fitness is fine so there are a lot of positives to come from the round. The Serco Yamaha team did a great job and the nervous first round is out of the way and it’s time to get down to business,” Richardson offered.

2017 MX Nationals - Round 1 - MX2 Podium

2017 MX Nationals – Round 1 – MX2 Podium

Round two of the MX Nationals will be hosted by the Appin Motorcycle Club on the south western outskirts of Sydney on April 23.

To follow the Serco Yamaha team on Facebook; www.facebook.com/sercoyamaha or @sercoyamaha on Instagram.

For more information and a full list of results; www.mxnationals.com.au

MX Nationals Round 1 – MX2 Results

  1. Wilson Todd – 67
  2. Egan Mastin- 57
  3. Mitch Evans – 56 (Serco Yamaha)
  4. Jackson Richardson- 56 (Serco Yamaha)
  5. Jayden Rykers – 55
  6. Kyle Webster – 53
  7. Hamish Harwood – 52
  8. Richie Evans – 46
  9. Dylan Wills – 45
  10. Aaron Tanti- 44

Credits: MXN Images

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