Fonzarelli have a number of special deals to get you out on their electric Arthur scooters for the month of November. Range upgrades and performance packages are on the list of deals ready to get you buzzing around just in time for Christmas! Check the details out below…

Jump onto the Fonzarelli website now to score a great deal on their upgrades package!

Make the switch & get complimentary Arthur 2+ & Arthur 3+ performance+ and charger upgrades this November valued at $520. Save another $500 by getting the 2022 Arthur 2 model for the 2021 price with 30% more range (65km). Plus now you can go even further. Learn more about Arthur 2x here, with portable powerpacks and more than double the distance up to 130 kilometres.

Get your Type 2 On-board Charger (5X) with FONZ to charge at the expanding network of EV charging stations. In November Fonzarelli are also offering you 50% off on all FONZ chargers including their Type 2 for public EV charging.

There has never been a better time to jump on an electric bike, click here to get a quote on the Arthur, be quick though as this offer only lasts until the end of November!


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