Electric Vehicle manufacture UBCO has launched its 2021 product line-up. Long lauded for the practicality and versatility of their 2X2 Utility Bikes, UBCO has stepped it up a notch with their latest offering, UBCO claim it is their toughest creation to date and possibly the toughest on the market.

The 2×2 Work bike is made for off-road only purposes.

Released to the world this month, this is the fifth generation UBCO product. The 2021 range includes the off-road only 2X2 Work Bike alongside the 2X2 Adventure Bike which can be ridden both on- and off-road. Both bikes are tougher than ever, with improved torque, power, and traction, powered by the KXH Power Supply, another innovation from the team at UBCO.

“Over the past two years plus, our product development and international supply chain team have made huge improvements to the performance, durability, security, and intelligence of our bikes. Now the rider experience is next level.” says UBCO CEO Timothy Allan.

The 2X2 road bike was made with food delivery and city riding in-mind.

The 2X2 Work Bike is an unashamed return to UBCO’s roots. This purely off-road work horse is for the farmer, hunter, lifestyle property owner, or outdoors-person. Simplified to its essence, rendered in all black with lever guards and full off-road tires, the 2X2 Work Bike is ruggedized and ready for a hard day’s work right out of the box.

Sitting alongside it is the versatile on- or off-road 2X2 Adventure Bike, in traditional UBCO white. Aimed at commuters, delivery riders, or adventurers, the Adventure Bike is globally homologated for on-road use and ECE approved.

The road version has everything you need to take it off-road as well.

The 2X2 Adventure Bikes can also be fitted with the UBCO telematics platform. This allows full fleet management and connectivity. It brings vehicle diagnostics, predictive maintenance, fleet monitoring and more. Making it the perfect choice for last mile delivery or rental businesses.

What UBCO have done is create a product platform. Alongside the introduction of the two bike models, they have also introduced the stand-alone KXH Power Supply, available in three capacities. By mixing and matching bike and power supply they’ve, in effect, launched 6 new models. Customers can choose the bike and power supply capacity that best suits their needs and applications.

UBCO have also kept in mind that business may want a fleet of them with their new technology.

A farmer might go for a 2X2 Work Bike with a 2.1kWh Power Supply. They need an off-road vehicle that’s rugged, durable and lightweight. Whereas a delivery driver might opt for a 2X2 Adventure Bike with a 3.1kWh Power Supply. They need a road registerable vehicle that can cope with paved or gravel roads, carry their cargo, and withstand the daily high workload.

UBCO say to look out for their distinctive black or white electric utility bikes on a city street, forest track, farm, or orchard near you. The 2021 product line-up includes options for commuting, tourism, delivery, agriculture, horticulture, hunting, adventure, and more. Check out the full range here.

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