XTECH say they’re a brand known to Australian riders for providing great value for money motorcycle accessories. XTECH’s latest shipment has just landed and brings out top stands & carriers back into stock at at Cassons. Check out the new range below!

XTECH and Cassons have put together a 2021 catalogue to make it easier for you to flip through their great products!

XTECH and Cassons have also made it easier to find the right stand and workshop tools for your needs, click here to check out the online XTECH 2021 catalogue!

Folding Motorcycle Carrier

  • $309.95
  • Max weight 181kg
  • Easy to use & fit
  • Securely hold your bike with wheel lock and 4 ties down points
  • Now you don’t have to take a huge van everywhere just for one bike
  • Fits any hitch style tow bar.

Aluminium Four Leg Stand

  • $89.95
  • Non-slip rubber protective pad
  • Safely holds up to 159kg max
  • Aluminium construction means no rust

Aluminium Adjustable Fork Block

  • $36.95
  • Strong lightweight aluminium
  • Prevents fork seal damage
  • Quick and easy height adjustment
  • 1Fits mini’s to full size MX/Enduro bikes

Steel Racestand

  • $69.95
  • 44cm tall 25cm x 25cm top plate
  • Strong design with non-slip rubber top
  • Max weight limit 159kg


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