Looking to keep warm in winter? DriRider has you sorted with their Air Ride 2 riding pant that Jack has been testing over the past few cold winter months. Here's what he thinks about the pants so far... Words: Jack Maguire Pics: Jack, Heather

Riding pants had never been at the top of my priority list when leaving home. I could never find pants that suited my style enough to enjoy wearing daily, or pants that are comfortable enough to wear wherever. But I’m happy to say DriRider’s Air Ride 2 ticks both boxes.

Firstly, I really enjoy the style of these pants. They have a baggy look which I enjoy, in a Black/Red colour with reflective print elements. These pants have a 600D Condura construction with reinforced poly matt at the sides/knees, which seems to be of high quality and is claimed to have great abrasion resistance. After months of daily use they still look great and surprisingly don’t even smell that bad!

I also enjoyed how comfortable these pants were. It features a removable Reissa waterproof liner which is super comfortable, and while I usually wear a set of skins or a different set of pants underneath depending on the day’s activities, I’d occasionally and comfortably go commando. Speaking of waterproofing, I never felt a drop of rain leak through these however, ensure the waterproof liner goes over your boots so your rainy day isn’t made any worse. 

Jack loved the style of these pants, especially combined with the rest of his kit from DriRider and Shoei.

Jack loved the style of these pants, especially combined with the rest of his kit from DriRider and Shoei.

I was pretty stoked on how warm I was too. Combined with the rest of the kit I received from McLeod’s Accessories, I don’t think I even felt the cold of the winter. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still summer!

Other features that make these pants as comfortable as possible include a double layer seat which was quite soft on the toosh and definitely made an impact on the longer rides. A soft panel behind the knees also assist in brining some comfort. These pants fit pretty solid when I first received them didn’t need any adjustments, simply clipping in with two buttons, however as I’ve started slimming up I found that the dual waist adjustment works great to personalise the fit. Velco straps on the pant legs seal off well.

Protection wise, the Air Ride 2 pants have CE armour at the knees which is great, with EVA padding at the hips to provide a minor level of protection. Working alongside that claimed great abrasion resistance, these pants should do a superb job of keeping your skin on, and kneecaps unbroken. Not much here to fault, but it would be nice to see CE rated armour at the hips.

For $199.95RRP, you can’t go wrong here. These pants offer a great amount of style, warmth, waterproofing and protection. You’re getting great value with the Air Ride 2, and I highly recommend these as a great piece of winter kit, or even spring and summer!

DriRider Air Ride 2 Features

  • 600D Cordura for great abrasion resistance
  • Reinforced poly matt on the sides and knees
  • Removable Reissa waterproof liner
  • Moisture wicking mesh liners
  • Double layer seat
  • CE armour
  • Power stretch in waist & thigh
  • Soft panel behind the knee for comfort
  • Dual waist adjustment for optimum fit
  • Reflective for night time safety
  • Connecting zip for jacket

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