Fitting a RadGuard is easy and is a must-have for Aussie roads...

We recently fitted a RadGuard to our GSX-S1000 Staff Bike. With the amount of loose gravel on our roads and quite a few trips with other riders planned, the last thing we want is a holed radiator in the middle of nowhere to ruin a good riding weekend!

RadGuard are an Aussie designed and made product and I have been using them on almost all of my bikes for the past decade or so and have not had one holed radiator in all that time. They are now available for the GSX-S1000 for just $156.00!

They are designed using a rigid alloy frame along with an expanded mesh insert. The rigid frame will protect your radiator core from crushing on side impacts, while the expanded mesh lets more air flow through than any other type of material.

The expanded mesh sits off your radiator core by approx 12-15mm. This prevents any rubbing and will also allow the mesh to absorb high speed hits from just about any type of road debris without coming in contact with your bikes radiator core. The back of the rigid frame is fitted with a soft foam to stop any vibration.

Fitment to a GSX-S1000 Guide

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Top quality and a perfect fit are one reason RadGuard have such a good reputation.

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The easy to read instructions are model specific and simple to follow.

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Foam protection prevents damage to the radiator from rubbing or vibrations.

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We had the bike up on a stand for tyres and servicing but this is not required. You can easily fit the RadGuard without removing bodywork or the wheel.

BikeReview GSX-S RadGuard 20151208_0326 copy

Undo the brake line junction bolt under the lower triple-clamp.

BikeReview GSX-S RadGuard 20151208_0327 copy

Undo the two lower bolts securing the radiator and then slip the RadGuard on.

BikeReview GSX-S RadGuard 20151208_0330 copy

Re-fit the three bolts (two bottom and one top) and you are all finished!

BikeReview GSX-S RadGuard 20151208_0331 copy

Don’t forget to proudly display your RadGuard sticker so others know where to go if they are impressed with yours.

BikeReview GSX-S RadGuard 20151208_0328 copy BikeReview GSX-S RadGuard 20151208_0329 copy

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