BMWs popular C 400 scooter range is back for another year. With a few upgrades and styling changes, you have a handful of trims to choose from at great prices...

BMW Motorrad have introduced updated iterations of the successful C 400 X and C 400 GT scooters to the Australian market, coming in May this year. Both models benefit from a range of upgrades that, BMW say, will provide new levels of rider engagement.

The forefront of the range will be the C 400 X. With the cheapest price, it still has plenty great features.

BMWs single-cylinder engine has been constructed according to EU-5 homologation with E-gas, new engine management and optimised centrifugal clutch The efficiency-optimised single-cylinder unit has an output of 25kW@7,500rpm and 35Nm@5,750rpm.

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The power transmission is via a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) gearbox and a torsionally stiff drivetrain swing arm with a bearing that provides minimum vibration and maximum comfort.

Additional optimisations are a modified matrix and coating of the catalytic converter, a wideband oxygen sensor, modifications to the cylinder head, a new sensor on the generator cover, an adapted wiring harness and modified idle speed control. The idle speed regulator in the air-box has been omitted and the idle speed control is now carried out via a throttle valve bypass and turbulence system.

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The new C 400 X and C 400 GT also now features an optimised ASC system with automatic radius calibration. This replaces the manual calibration set-up of the outgoing model.

BMWs single-cylinder engine has been constructed according to EU-5 homologation with a CVT transmission.

The new ASC is designed for significantly lower friction values than before. BMW say that when riding, it is noticeable via a more sensitive response and significantly increased regulation comfort, especially on wet and slippery surfaces. Deactivating ASC is now no longer necessary.

The brake system of the new C 400 X and C 400 GT has also been revised. BMW claim that thanks to new brake callipers, the double-disc brake system at the front now offers a more stable and clearly defined pressure point as well as improved roll-back behaviour of the brake pistons. This is accompanied by aligned lever travels for the rear brake on the left and the front brake on the right for a symmetrical braking feel.

A new TFT screen is also on the table for the C 400 with BMWs navigation system included.

The optimised lighting of the storage compartment under the seat bench significantly improves comfort. The lighting now no longer comes from the side but from above for even better illumination. In addition to the 12-volt onboard socket, the front right storage compartment is now equipped with a USB charging socket.

The new midsize scooters from BMW Motorrad are each offered in three different colour variants. Pricing will be as followed: C 400 X: -$9,090, C 400 X ion – $11,490, C 400 GT -$10,340 and the C 400 GT ion rounds out the lot with an RRP of $12,090.


2021 BMW C 400 Included features:

  • 350cc single cylinder engine
  • Stepless CVT transmission
  • ASC
  • ABS
  • Rear pre-load adjustable, telescopic fork
  • Dynamic brake light
  • Electronic immobiliser
  • LED indicators
  • LED headlight and taillight
  • On-board computer
  • Centre stand
  • Flexcase
  • 775mm seat height
  • Daytime riding light (C 400 X ION, GT and GT ION)
  • Keyless ride (C 400 X ION, GT and GT ION)
  • Colour TFT display with connectivity (C 400 X ION, GT and GT ION)
  • Seat heating and heated grips (C 400 X ION, GT and GT ION)
  • Keyless ride (GT and GT ION)
  • Daytime riding light (GT ION)
  • Keyless ride (GT ION)
  • Colour TFT display with connectivity (GT ION)


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