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Scooters… They’re not something that get the blood pumping or your heart racing, they’re a tool to get from A to B with the least amount of hassle possible. Aprilia have broken the mundane of scooters to make the SR GT 125 less of a tool and more of a best mate.

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Tech Talk
Sharing it’s heart with the Piaggio/Vespa scooter line-up, the Aprilia SR GT is equipped with the most powerful 125cc engine in this class – a result made possible by a development process focussed particularly on optimising engine efficiency.

The SR GT 125 features a 125cc i-get powerhouse. The modern Euro 5-approved unit with electronic injection, four valves and liquid cooling are the product of know-how at the Piaggio Group R&D centre for scooter engines. The 125cc i-get single-cylinder is accredited with maximum power of 11kW@8750rpm and torque that reaches 12Nm@6500rpm.

Aprilia have also moved the water pump into the head to allow for a more efficient cooling system in the 125cc. More clever head design comes from the overhead cam with roller followers and anti -friction bearings significantly reduce friction losses, combined with a compact radial valve format with a high efficiency combustion chamber and long intake tract.

All models in the Aprilia SR GT range are equipped with the Start & Stop system known as RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System). The system does away with the traditional starter, which is replaced with a brushless electrical device installed directly on the crankshaft. This translates into more fuel saving, with a WMTC cycle distance of 40km/l. When active, the start stop system will automatically stop the engine whenever the vehicle comes to a halt.The engine will then automatically restart allowing the vehicle to move off the instant the throttle is reopened.

The RISS system manages the operation of the start-stop system based on a number of parameters including engine temperature, time and forward speed reached since initial engine start and in particular, the battery’s state of charge. If for example the battery’s state of charge is below a certain threshold the system will not automatically stop the engine even with the switch in the active mode.


A CBS system uses an equalizer, or multiplier, to distribute braking force appropriately between the front and rear brakes. Front and rear brake circuits are combined via a passive distribution valve that transmits 100% of front master cylinder brake pressure to the front calliper and a proportional amount of rear master cylinder brake pressure to both the rear and front brakes with a rear wheel bias

The SHOWA fork and the twin rear shocks have (respectively +22 per cent and +7 per cent) longer travel than the nearest competitor. The longer travel suspension significantly improves comfort and safety, especially in case of poor road conditions, such as when riding over potholes, manhole covers and other imperfections.

The SHOWA fork and the twin rear shocks have (respectively +22 per cent and +7 per cent) longer travel than the nearest competitor.

The SHOWA fork and the twin rear shocks have (respectively +22 per cent and +7 per cent) longer travel than the nearest competitor.

The 5-spoke design of the aluminium alloy wheels reinterprets the styling cues seen on other Aprilia products in recent years. The wheels are fitted with Michelin Anakee tyres with an “all terrain” tread pattern ideal for all road surface types, from smooth city asphalt and cobbles to gravel.

With the focus firmly on fun, the Aprilia SR GT riding position is less rearward and more “active” with respect to a traditional compact GT scooter. But the rider can adopt a different position, with their feet further forward on the footpegs, for a more relaxed riding style that is less tiring over long distances. 

Standing out at the front is the full LED three-element light cluster, as well as the double fairing that is seen on their Tuono range. There is also a clear enduro influence, with the suspended windscreen and wide handlebar. The handlebar is fixed to the bike with a refined die-cast aluminium riser that bears the Aprilia logo, while the ‘bars themselves are motorcycle inspired.

The instrumentation is fully digital, the large LCD display provides all vehicle data, as well as a wide range of travel information, which can be selected with the MODE button on the left-hand control block. If the Aprilia MIA connectivity system is present, once a smartphone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, the instrument panel will also display notifications regarding incoming calls and messages. 

The system also enables call management using the specific connectivity button on the right-hand control block and the use of vocal commands to make calls or play music, by activating a playlist.

Know-how in the frame field is fully exploited by Aprilia technicians in creating the chassis. A double cradle frame in high-strength steel tubing is paired with brand-new long-travel suspension developed specifically for this model.

The front boasts a Showa fork with 33mm stanchions and 122mm of travel, 22 per cent more than that of its closest competitor, while the rear features two double-acting Showa shock absorbers with coil spring and five-position adjustable pre-load, and travel equating to 102mm, which is 7 per cent more than the competition. The 125 has a weight of just 144kg with a full tank

The Aprilia SR GT also stands out for its minimum ground clearance of 175mm. This allows the rider to easily clear any bumps in the road. All these characteristics, together with “all-terrain” tyres with a slightly knobby tread, make Aprilia SR GT extremely flexible and suited to any type of use. 

A 25-litre under-seat compartment can accommodate a full-face helmet, while additional accessories ensure the Aprilia SR GT is always ready to travel, one example being the 33-litre aluminium top case.

The Aprilia SR GT also offers a Sport trim, which boasts grittier, more sports-oriented graphics and finishes. Aprilia SR GT is available in three colours, Aprilia Black, Street Grey and Infinity Blue, each paired with silvery grey footpegs, sides and passenger grab handles. 


2022 Aprilia SR GT 125 Specifications


Price: $$7,440 ($7,540 Sport) rideaway
Colours: Aprilia Black, Street Grey and Infinity Blue (Sport available in Street Gold, Red Raceway and Iridium Grey) 
Kerb weight: 144kg
Fuel capacity: 9L
Power: 10.8W@8750rpm
Torque: 12Nm@6500rpm

Engine: i-get 125cc four stroke, single-cylinder, 4-valves, 52 x 58.7mm bore x stroke, 12.5:1 compression, EFI R.I.S.S. single throttle body, Keihin integrated throttle body.
Gearbox: CVT, Automatic

Frame: Double cradle tubular steel frame
Suspension: 33mm Showa forks with 122mm travel (f). Showa dual rear shocks with 5 preload settings.
Brakes: Hydraulic with wavy disc, 260 mm – CBS (f) Hydraulic rear.
Wheels & Tyres: Aluminium alloy 110/80 – 14in (f) 130/70 – 13 (r) Michelin Anakee

Length: 1920mm
Wheelbase: 1350mm
Seat height: 799mm
Width: 765mm
Ground clearance: 175mm

Instruments: LCD Dash with Aprilia MIA Bluetooth system.

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