as_rt33_rapid_whiteredblueCombining Kabuto’s “ACT EVO/R” shell technology and wind tunnel design, plus a Max Vision face shield with tear off posts, you have the newRT-33, Kabuto’s latest track-ready sport/touring helmet.

The same Wake Stabilizer technology found on all Kabuto helmets, makes it as equally at home on the track as it is on your favourite back road. A fully removable Coolmax interior and SAF-W Max Vision quick change face shield gives you the comfort and ease of maintenance that you expect from Kabuto.

KABUTO RT-33 1Newly Developed “SAF-W” Shield
Newly developed SAF -W shield for wider type Pinlock Original Insert Lens Shield Post No.3 on the shield also enables to carry both replace shield and Pinlock Original Insert Lens at one time and supports your racing.

KABUTO RT-33 2Advanced Composite Technology (A.C.T-EVO/R)
Established A.C.T structure has more evolved to “A.C.T -EVO/R” structure

KABUTO RT-33 3Top Aero Ventilation
Kabuto’s Original system, which takes in the front air farcibly and emits hot inner air to the outside and also rectify the air flow. RT-33 has the air route inside the shell through the duct of rear ventilation fin, which gives the adequate ventilation and light weight performance.

KABUTO RT-33 4RT-33 Ventilation System
The ventilation system effectively takes the outer air in and pushes the inner humid air out by the air pressure from the front while riding. The ventilations are equipped with shutters which prevent the cold air and water drop from coming into your helmet.

Kabuto’s patented system controls airflow around the helmet while riding and decreases the load. Long-time studies and wind tunnel experiments improved our own technology.



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