Craig takes the Suzuki GSX-S1000 for a nice long spin on the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres... Words: Craig Stevenson Images: Nyrelle Stuart

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Jeff was kind enough to hand over the Suzuki GSX-S1000 for a while so I organised a trip with a mate to Canberra via some back roads, across to Batemans Bay and then back up the coast to Sydney deviating from the major routes as often as possible.

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While it may be a hoot doing duty in the ‘burbs it’s just as much fun and satisfying to ride over long distances and the Suzuki is a well sorted mile muncher plain and simple.

The Fatbar, adequately padded low seat and well placed ‘pegs create a comfy ride position and there’s enough room to fit a good sized tailbag/tankbag combo on the pillion seat.

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Initially our trip was bathed in sensational summer weather with dry surfaces and a relatively clear run as the Suzuki lapped up the tight twisty and narrow back roads before joining the Federal Highway for the run to our nations’ capital.

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It may look bulky but the GSX-S feels small and nimble with responsive and accurate steering that belies its’ 1000cc size. The tweaks made by Jeff to the front suspension by increasing the oil level and reducing the air gap have firmed it up nicely, reducing any excessive dive under brakes without sacrificing a smooth ride.

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The rears’ “as hard as it gets” setting means you feel the bumps through your backside but it still transmits good feel and holds itself together remaining stable, even over the harsh stuff.

Suzukis’ choice of Brembo stoppers up front deserves a solid thumbs up to. They’re very strong with good initial bite and there’s plenty of feel through the lever the harder you squeeze. It adds to what feels like a real quality bike with excellent fit and finish.

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Even my mate with his tricked up Street Triple was duly impressed with the striking blue paintwork and detail on the Suzuki.

The GSX-S proved comfy and relaxed with no major complaints and ache free joints by the time we arrived in Canberra. After a way to short visit to the War Memorial the rain started to fall resulting in a soggy trip to Braidwood but soon after the heavens smiled on the Kings Highway, the rain eased and the road started to dry for a brilliant run into Batemans Bay.

The Pirelli Rosso Corsas weren’t nervous or worrying and with some heat in them they were had excellent grip in the damp – well and truly sticking to the black stuff when we reached the tight downhill twists and big open sweepers before landing in Batemans Bay.

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That K5 engine from the old GSX-R is a belter and way more ballsy in the lower part of the rev range than I had anticipated. The top end rush is still fantastic and it pulls hard right to the top of the rpm gauge but what surprised was rolling on and off the throttle in third or fourth through high speed sweepers that made for seriously rapid progress and the drive out of low speed corners in second or third is excellent.

Fuelling can get a bit snatchy in really slow turns but it’s only minor and easily dealt with. We had an awesome ride despite the weather and Suzuki have produced a seriously capable all-round motorcycle. Can’t blame Jeff for wanting to own one. He’s not alone.

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Next up will be a full test on the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres we’ve just fitted, plus all the accessories we’ve just received from Suzuki Motorcycles (pictured below). Stay tuned.

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Genuine Suzuki stickers, front screen, fuel cap protector, heated grips and Suzuki valve caps.

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