, which has over 150,000 visits and over 80,000 Unique visitors each month, is owned by JP Media P/L, a Company wholly owned by motorcycle publishers Jeff and Heather Ware.

JP Media P/L has published over 150 magazine editions and books since it was formed by Jeff and Heather and Peter Pap in 2004, becoming one of Australia’s most successful and popular independent motorcycle media companies, most famous for Rapid Bikes, Retrobike and Knee Down Magazines, which were acquired by Universal Publications in 2012.

Jeff Ware, Editor of, has over 21 years experience as a motorcycle journalist, editor and publisher. He is one of the leading motorcycle test journalists in the world and is an A Grade motorcycle racer, qualified motorcycle mechanic and an Internationally syndicated moto journalist.

Heather Ware is part owner of JPMedia P/L and Associate Publisher and also owns HMC Photography, specialising in motorcycle photography since 2001. Heather contributes to magazines and websites globally while completing her masters degree at Uni.