The Acebikes Flexi Rail and TyreFix offer easy and secure bike transportation and storage options.

  Acebikes Flexi Rail

We’ve been using this well designed transport tie-down point rail system from Acebikes in the Bike Review trailer, which makes securing your motorcycle safer and easier than ever, minimising damage to the bike you are transporting, particularly if you’re doing the job on your own.

Acebikes Flexi Rail & TyreFix

The Flexi Rail rail set is bolted down as shown, allowing a number of tie down points down each rail’s length.

Whether you use a tray back ute, normal ute, a van, box trailer or enclosed trailer, you will benefit from this system. Fitting the Flexi Rail set is easy – simply drill and bolt down using the supplied hardware.

We’ve got the system fitted to a enclosed box trailer, offering good protection from the elements, with the Acebikes Flexi Rail system an easy addition that improves the ease of tying down a bike or bikes.

Once in place each rail can support up to 250kg, with the two supplied rails offering the capacity of 500kg, or two regular road bikes with ease. The rails come with top quality carabineers and fitters so you can position your tie-down point in any of the eight securing slots along each rail.

The Flexi Rails are also made from high quality galvanized steel, preventing rust, are sold in pairs and are a perfect match for the Acebikes TyreFix strapping system.

Acebikes Flexi Rail-Set-TyreFix-RH_Side

Here you can see our long term Suzuki GSX-S1000 tied down using the Flexi Rail set and TyreFix accessory on the rear wheel, for an easy, secure transport method.

Forget searching for a tie-down point and struggling with bike transport on your own, this is the system to make life particularly easy for those who load and unload motorcycles and may not have an extra set of hands or two.

The Flexi Rail system is also ideal for use on steel motorcycle work benches, allowing you to secure the motorcycle you are working on – a must for any motorcycle workshop, with minimum effort for installation.

Acebikes TyreFix

As you probably also know using soft ties and two tie-downs to secure the rear of a bike you are transporting can be tricky, which is why we’re using a Acebikes TyreFix (as pictured).

Acebikes Flexi Rail-Set-TyreFix-Rear

The Acebikes TyreFix uses special materials and ratchet attachments for a secure tie down and long service life.

Without it, you’ll often have to use the pillion peg hangars on a roadbike, the sub-frame on off road motorcycles and quite often bikes simply have nowhere to safely secure tie-downs to at the rear without causing damage to the bike. It can be extremely frustrating, as no one wants to damage their pride and joy during transport.

The Acebikes TyreFix can help resolve that problem by allowing you to secure the motorcycle via the rear tyre.

The TyreFix is actually suitable for any size motorcycle tyre commonly used and to prevent your tyre from moving in the TyreFix, special friction material is used on the inside of the case.

The TyreFix is also made from strong durable material for long lasting usage and the included tie-downs are high quality ratchet type, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

The TyreFix comes with a handy carry case for neat storage and is a great match for the Acebikes Flexi Rail system.

The TyreFix is available for $139.95 RRP. The Acebikes Flexi Rail rail set is available for $115.00 RRP.

Ask your local motorcycle shop for more information. Or visit, (07) 3277 0693.

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