Pro Accessories Australia distribute the CapStrap open axle tie-down system, designed for BMW motorcycles with 5.3cm hollow axles. Here are the details. Price is $174.95 RRP...

The CapStrap open axle tie-down system costs $174.95 RRP and is designed for BMW’s with 5.3cm hollow axles. The system ensures your BMW stays perpendicular and in place wherever you take it, making transportation and work safer. Press: Pro Accessories

2019 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure Rallye X

This innovative tie-down system makes clever use of one of BMW’s technical features. Using the swingarm’s open axle construction, the CapStrap open axle tie-down system protects the bike’s suspension system from excessive tie-down pressure, allowing the bike to float on the suspension.

The CapStrap comes complete with a ratchet and strap and designed to be very easy to use. The strap is made from high-quality ABS material; this supple material protects the bike’s lacquer and aluminium frame from scratches, dings, and other possible damage during transit and on the work bench.

The CapStrap is very easy to use, allowing you to mount it in an instant. The strap is 135cm long and can be tightened with the ratchets that come with the set, securing your bike quickly and safely.

"The tank dimensions allow for a good bit of lower-body steering, and I can really feel what's happening through those massive pegs."

Unique AceBikes CapStrap Features

  • No load on your suspension systems
  • Easy to use
  • High quality ABS material to prevent scratching
  • Minimal interference with your exhaust or your bike cases
  • Comes with handy carrying bag, ratchets and straps


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