DriRider's Vortex Sport is a sports touring offering that can take you through any season in comfort.

I’m a big fan of DRIRIDER gear, it’s great value and always seems to have been designed with good insight into the challenges a rider faces.

The DRIRIDER Vortex Sport jacket is just such an item, it’s a full length jacket, with adjustable waist and a nice tall neck for keeping the cooler weather out. There’s plenty of length in the sleeves, and the zips and Velcro are all high quality. After a year there’s no sign of problems with either, and buttons on the arms allow you to tighten the sleeves if required.


DRIRIDER Vortex Sport Jacket

The front of the jacket has two large rectangular sections which partially zip out and fold back into the jacket, providing two large vents for great airflow, while on the rear of the jacket two vertical slits that you can just reach by getting your hands behind your back ensure that air has somewhere to go, allowing a continuous flow of cooling air. If you’re wearing a backpack you’ll quickly realise how effective this system is, as the backpack will block the flow of air.

The Vortex Sport is also waterproof thanks to a waterproof liner, which is easily connected via two zips and a button at the back of the neck, while buttons in the ends of the sleeves will keep the liner sleeves in the right position. Another liner also provides a bit more warmth in the cooler weather, although I found in the real cold weather (for Sydney) making sure the waterproof liner was zipped up was the easiest way of keeping cold air off your chest – with the large air vents closed of course!

The DRIRIDER Vortex Sport jacket itself also looks good and is available in Silver or White in addition to the black version I tested, if you’re looking for a bit more visibility. The black has stood the test of time well however, and while it’s probably due for a good wash after a year it’s still doing a great job.

It’s comfortable, works in the cold, wet or hot and while the front air vents take a few minutes to get open or closed, are a nice piece of design that makes this a year round jacket. It does get warm in the summer months if you get stuck in traffic however.

DriRider Vortex Sport Bike Review

DRIRIDER Vortex Sport Jacket

Standard protective features on the Vortex Sport include a Eva rubber back pad and CE approved armour in both the shoulders and elbows, while the material at the shoulder and elbows is also a heavier 1200D material for additional abrasion resistance in this high wear areas (in the event of a accident).

In the cold and wet weather it’s also easily thrown over a little oil heater on its lowest setting for a few hours and it’ll be dry and ready for the next day, just remember to remove the waterproof liner as that’ll dry very quickly on its own but can slow drying for the rest of the jacket.

The DRIRIDER Vortex Sport Jacket is a jacket which has done everything I’ve asked and more and the value for money is great. The Vortex Sport is available in sizes S-6XL, in Black/Black, White/Black, Silver/Black, for $399.95 RRP.

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