The Red Arrow, based on the Arai RX-7V is the new top of the range helmet in the Ducati racing collection.

With a rounder, smoother and more elongated shell than the previous model, the Ducati Red Arrow Arai helmet incorporates a range of different materials of different thickness to guarantee maximum comfort and sturdiness.

Ducati Arai Red Arrow HelmetThe longer vents are completely adjustable to suit the rider’s needs and ensure greater air flow. This design, created by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati, has a captivating style thanks to unmistakable elements of the Ducati sporting spirit such as the white stripes on the front, Italian Tricolor and the Ducati Corse shield. 

Available for $1250.00 RRP, visit your nearest Ducati dealer.

Ducati Arai Red Arrow Helmet 2 

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