Choosing a glove that fits and protects, and meets your comfort, style and budget needs is no easy task. There are hundreds of gloves to choose from, but these Five TFX2 WP really impressed...

On a recent bike test I had the chance to try out some new Five TFX2 WP advanced gloves. I was looking for a protective glove that would offer good feel on the palm of my hand but give a level of protection that you need when doing adventure riding or road riding.

I settled on the TFX2 WP glove, which cost $199.95 RRP, because of their massive amount of features and the quality of the build. There is stretch, water repellent fabric construction on the top side, plus full grain goat leather on the palm for feel and suppleness. There is also a 5_Drytech waterproof and breathable membrane inside the glove.

There is a one piece PVC metacarpo-phlangeal underneath the top fabric/window panel. Soft TPR index and middle finger knuckle protection. Protective foam reinforcement on all knuckles. Wide Kevlar reinforcement from the base of the hand up to the hypothenar, there are also soft gussets between the fingers with reflective materials.

The gloves also have duel closure systems that are both a strap and a soft close flap at the forearm. There is also a “Clear Vision pad” on the left glove for wiping the helmet visor to eliminate dirt or water. Now, that’s a lot of tech talk for a pair of gloves, but at the end of the day it’s all for your protection and comfort. To be honest if I could get away with not wearing gloves I would, I have always struggled to find gloves that give the feel that I want and that fit properly.

Well, these gloves do actually fit very well and do offer that feel that I so much want in a glove. Using them during the three day launch was a test with both the on road and off road days on the adventure bike. These gloves were so good to the feel with a real feel of the grips, levers and switches that it did feel very natural wearing them.

“The gloves fitted well from the start and there was no real feeling of needing to let them bed in”…

The gloves fitted well from the start and there was no real feeling of needing to let them bed in. The straps were easy to use as was the Velcro flap to close the gloves, the protective sections of the gloves didn’t interfere with how the hand was able to move and the freedom of the fingers was excellent. Obstacles such as tree branches were not a problem to hit with the protection that is in the glove, even stones from other bikes that occasionally hit you your hands were not an issue, again the protective aspects of the gloves did their job well.

There are hundreds of different gloves on the market and we all have our own tastes and needs when it comes to making that decision as to which is best for us. These, for me, have been the best gloves I have used for a very long time. Protective, comfortable, easy to wear and use, with a style that is appealing to the eye. These particular gloves matched in well with the clothing I used on the launch as well. A very nice fit.

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