Simon has been testing new gear this season and racked up loads of km. Check out what he thinks about his new lid, the AGV K5-S... Review: Simon Harris Photos: BikeReview/Freestyle Photography

Head protection is of paramount importance to us riders and is not something you should ever skimp on. I have had the pleasure of donning an AGV K5-S as a skullcap for a few months now and it has been a pleaser since the moment I put it on. 

Simon has been wearing the AGV K5-S for the past few months as his daily helmet, so far so good for the new lid!

I have to admit that claustrophobia occasionally grips me when in a helmet, however, not so here. The 190° field of vision and easy opening visor help allay any fears of being trapped. Perhaps not so funnily in these eerie days of COVID contagion, I got caught out going to the shops without a mask. Solution? Look like a fool but carry out one’s shopping task with helmet on and visor down. The only drama being not quite so good of hearing, but certainly getting the thumbs up from staff for “protection”.

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The K5-S makes this quite easy as it is quite lightweight, tipping the scales at just under 1400g (size dependent) and is really comfortable inside. The shell is made from a carbon-fiberglass mix that, on mine, wears some nice black and brushed metallic silver graphics called Tempest Black SIlver. Under the shell are variable density materials that are designed to absorb and disperse impact forces.

The shape of the helmet has been designed for aerodynamic performance and stability against buffeting and lifting and is classed as collar-bone safe. It is quiet, too with minimal drafts and wind leakage and no noticeable pushing around at maximum legal speeds. A spoiler is built into the rear of the helmet and the jaw area is sculpted into a bit of a beak shape. This allows the inclusion of a wind curtain beneath your chin, which is nice in winter, especially in conjunction with the nose guard. You do have to be a bit careful when putting the helmet down, though, as the beak does make it a bit wobbly.

The shape of the helmet has been designed for aerodynamic performance and stability against buffeting and lifting and is classed as collar-bone safe.”

Ventilation comes in the form of the IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) that comprises a chin bar vent and multiple vents around the top and sides of your head, with exhaust ports under the rear spoiler. Due to the Pinlock system ready visor, I have been able to brave the recent cold weather with all openings firmly shut and not a hint of fogging. In warmer conditions, the combinations of vents allow you to maintain your cool in a variety of ways, while looking cool.

Simon opted for the clear visor on the AGV K5-S when testing the new Aprilia RS660.

AGV provides multiple choices for your visor opening by way of replaceable inserts in the visor mechanism, with two variants that have multiple steps and points where the visor ‘locks’ as well as a race type that has no steps bar the closed and open positions. Clever. Something I have always wanted, is a separate tinted visor, and the K5-S has this – very handy to have and a feature that you can use as needed, without needing to stop.

Wearer comfort is also a top priority and, with this in mind, AGV has used a variety of materials to maintain comfort and minimise irritation to your skin. Each pad is treated in various ways (depending on pad function), is easily removed for cleaning and has good positive positioning so the pads remain in their original positions when reinstalled.

All stitching is kept well away from sensitive areas of the skin and the softness of touch allows the helmet to fit your head shape firmly and without discomfort or distorting your face (cheeks especially). Strapping is by way of standard double D-rings and a button clip to stop strap-flap.

The K5-S features AGV’s commitment to providing excellent levels of safety in a lightweight sports style helmet.

The K5-S features AGV’s commitment to providing excellent levels of safety in a lightweight sports style helmet. It combines purposeful and attractive Italian design (it is made in China) with practical and clever innovations and excellent levels of comfort. For an RRP under 600 bucks, this is a helmet well worth a look-see. To find your nearest AGV stockist, visit


AGV K5-S Helmet Features

  • ECE 2205 approved
  • Weight: 1390g (+/- 50g) (in first shell size)
  • Carbon-fiberglass shell (two sizes) with collar-bone safe profile, spoiler and 190° field of vision and 4-density EPS construction 
  • Ventilation: 5 x front vents / 2 x rear extraction ports
  • Lining: Ritmo and Shalimar fabrics featuring anti-bacterial treatment and sweat wicking properties. Water resistant neck roll. All linings removable for cleaning
  • Removable nose guard and under-chin wind protector
  • AGV ARK communication system ready
  • Max Vision anti-scratch visor (Pinlock included) with multi-step visor mechanism and micro-opening system. Integrated anti-scratch sun visor (removable without tools)
  • Double D-ring retention system with removable chin padding
  • Sizes: XS – XL
  • RRP: $599.00.
  • Colours: Black/green, black/red, black/blue, black/silver, matte black/fluoro yellow, black/grey/fluoro yellow, black/cyan/fluoro yellow, black/blue/orange, black/white/red

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