Pommie has been out riding with the new AGV K6 and the Macna Chicane gloves. Putting them to the daily riding tests, check out what his thoughts are on them below...

Getting a new helmet is like waking up on Christmas morning. If you’re a regular rider then it’s an exciting time, especially when you get to test out one of AGV’s best helmets on the market, the AGV K6, as well as Macna’s Chicane gloves…

The K6 weighs only 1220grams, making it one of the world’s lightest motorcycle road helmets. Yet it’s still comfortable.

AGV K6 Tech Talk

Thanks to the use of technologies derived from the Pista GP R, The AGV MotoGP helmet, K6 combines maximum safety with a unique static and dynamic weight, for increased riding comfort. Every detail of the K6 is designed to offer the highest level of protection and provide the safety a rider needs to fully express themselves in any situation, in total comfort for optimum performance.

The shell in refined carbon-aramid fibre and the five different densities of EPS offer protection that is 48 per cent greater than that required by ECE 22.05 standards regarding HIC and G values, all combined with what AGV says is never-before-seen lightness.

The visor mechanisms are extremely limited in size to maximise the area of shell coverage, keeping safety levels at a peak across the entire surface of the helmet. Their construction, in metal, considerably increases the resistance of the visor in case of impact.

The K6 features AGV’s Ultravision, which allows the rider to see 190 degrees, not obstructing any view.

The exclusive AGV Ultravision guarantees a peripheral field of 190°, while the class 1 optic visor, completed with 100 per cent Max Vision Pinlock 120 Anti-fogging system, is up to 4.3mm in thickness. The Micro-Lock system allows opening for air flow while keeping the visor securely fastened to the chinguard, making it an integral part of the protection system.

The K6, with a weight of just 1220 grams, is one of the world’s lightest road helmets. AGV say the K6 offers unprecedented comfort during riding, reducing fatigue levels to a minimum and thereby increasing active safety. The interior is created with anti-wear, waterproof fabric used for the outer layer and a breathable material that absorbs sweat for the inner.

The ventilation system features five large air vents and is characterised by a central opening, positioned to ensure the greatest possible air flow. Created using technologies developed for MotoGP, the K6 offers quality and technological innovation in a comfortable, lightweight helmet for any type of road use.

Priced from $699 RRP for mono colours and $799 RRP for multi, the new AGV K6 is available now at AGV Stockists Australia wide. For your nearest store visit – www.agvhelmets.com.au


AGV K6 and Macna Chicane First Impressions

After a quick ride with the new AGV K6 helmet, I have to say I’m loving it so far. The first thing that struck me was how light it is at 1.2kg, which is what you want in a helmet to help reduce any kind of neck strain on long rides. This is thanks to the carbon and aramid fibre structure so it’s super strong as well as keeping the weight to a minimum.

“The first thing that struck me was, how light it is at 1.2kg, which is what you want in a helmet to help reduce neck strain.”

One of the features I found to top my list was the visor, when I first saw it I thought it would be a pain to open with one finger on the move due to it having a button release, but it’s super easy and the locking mechanism seals the visor down to a rubber seal making the helmet quiet even at freeway speeds.

The K6 also has the Pinlock lens inserts to remove fogging issues, while the lining is super comfortable and has technology to absorb sweat to keep you more relaxed in hot conditions.

My only real criticism is the vents, they don’t seem to blow much cool air on my head. Luckily, the visor can be lifted very slightly, giving great airflow but still protecting my face from projectiles. Another great feature is their comfort for spectacle wearers. Since I wear glasses while riding I was glad to find out that the K6 is comfortable while wearing them. It will be interesting to see long term what the K6 is like to live with, but from first impressions the quality is great.

Moving onto the Macna Chicane gloves, I’m a big fan of the short cuffed glove, in-fact this is my second pair of the Macna ones. The previous set have served me well for a couple of years or more and still look brand new apart from some slight sun fading.

Despite the Macna Chicane being brand new, they were comfortable straight out of the box.

I had no doubt these new Chicane gloves will be just as good, while offering slightly better protection with the extra finger and carbon knuckle protection they have. They also have touch tip technology for operating electronic equipment. They are made from goat and cowhide leather, along with neoprene, so you gain plenty of safety. Despite being band new, they’re already great to wear, it’s good to know that they will get even more comfortable over time.

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Macna Chicane Gloves Tech Talk

Macna boasts superb comfort and fit with the Chicane glove, alongside protection and functionality for the demanding sports rider. Fitted with R.I.S.C. palm sliders and knuckle protection, premium cow and goat leather construction also features a double layer on the little finger and palm.

There’s also a reversed Bemberg liner, with a velcro wrist closure strap for the ideal fit, while ‘Touch Tip’ finger tips allow the use of a smart phone without having to remove your gloves.The gloves are available in Small through to 3XL for $149.95 RRP.

Key Features

  • Premium Cow hide leather and Goat leather construction.
  • Double layer palm and little finger.
  • R.I.S.C. Carbon knuckle impact protection.
  • R.I.S.C. Poly Urethane wrist slider and finger protection.
  • Reversed Bemberg comfort liner.
  • Velcro wrist closure strap.
  • Ergo thumb one-piece finger and thumb panel.
  • “Touch Tip” in finger tips enabling smart screen operation.
  • Men’s sizes S – 3XL
  • Colour option: Black

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