Bruce is a builder who had a girlfriend with a child from a previous non-amicable relationship. They were traveling together up Spit Road in Mosman in two separate vehicles when Bruce suffered some road rage after a near collision with a male driver who gave him a fright and the finger…

For some reason Bruce had the strong impression that this was the girlfriend’s ex, who was stalking her, in her car further up the road. He followed and when the other car halted up front at a red light, Bruce leaped out to confront him.

By chance, because he had had a splinter in his hand, he had previously removed a syringe from the work First Aid Kit and had it in his work truck. For a reason he never could explain, he grabbed the syringe and made his way to other driver’s wound up window and tapped the glass shouting…

Naturally the other driver kept the window closed and after a few seconds Bruce returned to his truck and drove off. He had a visit from the NSW Police a little later and was charged with serious offences including, “Stalk or intimidate intending to cause fear of physical harm,” under the Crimes Act, and “Carry offensive implement,” under the Summary Offences Act.

Consequences including possible jail were enormous and even worse the “girlfriend” did not want to get involved and refused to make a statement to the Police or provide any assistance to Bruce.

After contemplation and advice from Counsel, mental health medical reports were obtained and many months later (and lots of fees), a Magistrate accepted that Bruce did suffer from temporary insanity on that day and dismissed charges subject to medical conditions.

Great relief to all concerned and “Good Samaritan” Bruce learned a lot from this!


In May Sandra and I flew to Tassie for 10 days, with another couple using a rental car (RAV4), and drove around the island clockwise starting in Hobart.

Lawtalk with Mark Stenberg

The roads are still wonderful for road riding which I have done several times before, usually on my GSX-R1000. The country side is beautiful and people friendly and wonderfully welcoming.

The Cape Grim steaks and Tassie seafood were fantastic as was the stunning seafood chowder on Bruny Island. I must be getting old but this was my best ever trip there and traveling in a car with generous space and luggage and switching drivers made it easy and pleasant.

Lawtalk with Mark Stenberg

We also mostly stayed two nights in one place meaning no necessity to travel every day. It wasn’t cold but the roads were virtually deserted including one epic drive of 180kms from Cradle Mountain to Stanley during which we did not see a single vehicle!

In September I enjoyed our amazing snow conditions this year with a five day and separate two day trip to Thredbo – fantastic! I can also wear my dirt bike knee braces whilst skiing – bonus! Plus I discovered one advantage to ageing – Season lift pass for $170…

Lawtalk with Mark StenbergSince last time, while I was on a two week family holiday in Nambucca Heads, Jeff took the long term KTM 350 EXC-F and fitted some KTM Power Sports options, like thermal fan, traction control switch, hand guards etc. I can’t wait to get it back for further testing!

Lawtalk with Mark StenbergWhile in Nambucca, Rob, my Son In Law and I did three enduro rides in and near the giant Newry State Forest, which we rode direct to from our accommodation. While dry it was a bit dusty, but it was great riding with no one around and mostly single track leaf litter and some very steep hills! We did a 70km and two 95km rides and had great fun, so I’ll definitely be going back there…..

Lawtalk with Mark StenbergThe kayak and the mountain bikes were also in use together with those corny but wonderful times with the grandkids, seafood meals, steak, snags and onions with bacon on the BBQ, beer and wine….and at my age, an occasional afternoon nap! Doesn’t get more relaxing!

Lawtalk with Mark Stenberg

Let’s live the dream and meet on the winding road or single track… and you can always contact me on – 0405 064 087

Mark Stenberg

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