You see it in the Leatt catalogues and advertised as cutting edge technology, but what does the 360 turbine actually do and how does it keep riders safe? Find out below...

Leatt say using their vast experience and high-tech testing facilities, they have created their own system in the Leatt lab to help reduce the risk of sustaining serious head and brain injuries in a crash. Check out the full run down on the technology in the video below.

They say their 360° Turbine Technology not only mitigates rotational acceleration, but also low-velocity linear acceleration that has been shown, if repeated, to have cumulative effects on the frequency and severity of concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). In short, this brain injury reduction technology significantly reduces the risk of sustaining serious head and brain injuries during a crash.

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Disc-shaped turbines made of Armourgel, a non-Newtonian polymer that can absorb energy, are strategically placed all along the inside of the helmet’s EPS liner. So, when you put the helmet on, they are positioned directly against the skull.

The amount of technology in such a small piece part of the helmet shows how safe riding is getting now.

In a crash, these turbines deform and bend, reducing rotational impact forces and absorbing energy from the impact. This technology can absorb both low-velocity linear and rotational impact forces in a crash, keeping your brain nice and safe.

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