Kawasaki are back with the KX250 in 2023! Now sporting more power and tech, check out all the specifications here. The 2023 Kawasaki KX250 is now on sale locally for $12,443...

Kawasaki say their KX250 is a perennial motocross powerhouse. After two cycles of updates this decade, the 2023 model continues the momentum with revisions designed to keep the balance of power in favour of the lightweight race-hardened four-stroke.

After two cycles of updates this decade, Kawasaki's 2023 model KX250 continues the momentum with revisions.

After two cycles of updates this decade, Kawasaki’s 2023 model KX250 continues the momentum with revisions to the four-stroke powerhouse

On the mechanical front, Kawasaki’s engineers have extracted even more power and torque from the already hi-tech engine across the entire rev range. The hydraulic clutch has a direct feel and, thanks to the coned-disc springs, has less drag, lighter actuation and more control when half-clutching in difficult terrain. Less play as the clutch heats up during heavy use results in a consistent feeling and an action the rider can rely on.

Strong performance across the rev-range translates to quicker lap times and better holeshot performance. Narrower pitch intake valves (37 mm >> 35.5 mm) and increased clearance at the valve seats delivers consistent combustion. The valves are smaller (ø32 mm >> ø31 mm), for cylinder-head/valve-seat reliability. The revised piston crown matches the valve size and pitch changes.

The KX250’s engine, which is used as a stressed member, has long been one of its greatest strengths, benefitting from finger-follower valve actuation like the KX450. The dual injectors and downdraft-style intake (which has also been revised with a straighter intake duct) increases the cylinder-filling efficiency, which adds to peak performance.

Based on feedback from its factory riders in America and Japan, the 2023 KX250 has a taller first gear and firmer KYB suspension settings. The rear tyre is wider than the previous model (110/90-19, up from 100-90-19) and repositioned (rearward by 3mm) footpegs.

The footpegs have weight-saving aluminium brackets instead of steel – offsetting the extra weight of the larger rear tyre. The Uni Trak rear suspension has dual low and high-speed compression adjustment. The suspension arm is affixed below the swingarm to promote a longer stroke and more precise tuning parameters.

All the vital components of the KX250 matrix remain. The KX450-based aluminium perimeter frame, electric start, adjustable ergonomics, petal disc brakes, factory-style launch control and three separate engine maps; maps are programmable with the accessory calibration kit. Weight is 108kg with all fluids (full fuel tank), and the livery is signature Kawasaki Lime Green.

The 2023 KX250 is now on sale locally for $12,443 (ride away pricing includes dealer assembly and pre-delivery fees). Click here to check out the full specs.

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