Aprilia have unveiled the new Tuono 660 Factory at EICMA 2021 this week. The factory edition features a host of upgrades over the standard model... Press Release: Aprilia.

Aprilia say the Factory versions of their sportsbikes have always been flagship products, dedicated to the most demanding and skilled riders, who can appreciate the quality of the most sophisticated outfitting, no, the Factory trim is also available for the Tuono 660…

The Aprilia Tuono 660 has received the “Factory” treatment with beefed up suspension, electronics and more power!

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With respect to Tuono 660, the Factory boasts more sophisticated suspension, better suited to sports riding. The Kayaba fork with 41mm stanchions is fully adjustable for compression, rebound damping and spring pre-load, while the Sachs shock with separate reservoir is also adjustable in its compression and rebound damping and spring pre-load. There is now an even better weight/power ratio, one of the main goals for all new Aprilia 660 models and already outstanding on the Tuono 660, thanks to the adoption of a light lithium battery that contributes to reducing the overall weight by roughly 2kg (the kerb weight is now 181kg).

A compact and lightweight latest-generation engine, the 660cc forward-facing twin with DOHC and four valves per cylinder is the result of experience gained with the very powerful engine that equips RSV4. The engine has a load-bearing function and houses the aluminium swingarm in its rear section. Combustion is asymmetric and offset by 270° to obtain irregular combustion which translates into performance and a sound similar to that of a V-twin. The maximum power is upped from 95hp with the Tuono 660 to 100hp with the Tuono 660 Factory. The engine boasts even more drive in acceleration, thanks to the use of a shorter final drive, with a 16-tooth pinion gear, one less than Tuono 660. The maximum torque remains unchanged, with 67Nm@8500 rpm.

The Factory model benefits from a 5hp boost over the standard Tuono 660, 100hp up from 95hp….

The Tuono 660 Factory offers a full suite of APRC electronic controls with a Ride-by-Wire electronic accelerator and six-axis inertial platform as standard. Thanks to the accelerometers and gyroscopes, it’s able to recognise the bike’s condition with respect to the road, recording and processing the inputs and sending the data to a control unit that intervenes to optimise the control parameters.

The Tuono 660 Factory APRC includes ATC (Aprilia Traction Control), adjustable traction control, AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control),  ACC (Aprilia Cruise Control), AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift). It is also equipped with the downshift function, to allow for clutchless downshifting; AEB (Aprilia Engine Brake), the adjustable system to control engine braking when closing the throttle; AEM (Aprilia Engine Map), with different mappings via which to alter the engine’s character and delivery.


Tuono 660 Factory also benefits from multi-map Cornering ABS. With its extremely contained weight and dimensions, the system is able to optimise braking and ABS intervention through the corners, thanks to a specific algorithm that constantly monitors various parameters such as lateral acceleration, the pressure applied to the front brake lever, and the lean, pitch and yaw angle.

As with the Tuono 660, there are five customisable Riding Modes (three for road use and two for track use) to simplify life on-board. Adoption of the inertial platform has also allowed for activation of the “bending lights” function, incorporated into the front LED light cluster complete with perimeter DRL (this pair of additional lights illuminate the entire corner, increasing visibility when leaning).

Thanks to the new electronics system, the Tuono 660 Factory has cornering ABS and lighting.

With its reduced surfaces effectively highlighting a dynamic, sports character, the bike’s design stands out for the innovative double fairing that serves as an aerodynamic appendage. The pressure of the air channelled between the two walls contributes to optimising stability at high speeds and, at the same time, increases rider comfort by protecting against direct air flow, also deflecting the hot air extracted from the engine.

The Tuono 660 Factory version is further enhanced with the aggressive and sporty Factory Dark graphics and the presence of the single-seat tail fairing, painted in black and red and supplied as standard together with the passenger seat and footpegs. These pegs, like those of the rider, are the same as those of the Aprilia RS 660 but lighter.

Pricing of the Tuono Factory is yet to be announced. Arrival is expected by September 2022.

2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory Specifications


Price: TBA
Claimed Power: 73.5kW[100hp]@10,500rpm
Claimed Torque: 67Nm[50lbs-ft]@8,500rpm
Wet Weight: 181kg
Fuel capacity: 15L

Engine: Parallel twin-cylinder forward facing, four-stroke, 270-degree, eight-valve DOHC, liquid-cooled, chain driven cams, 81 x 63.9mm bore x stroke, 659cc, 13.5:1 compression, two-into-one exhaust, ram air, twin 48mm throttle-bodies, RbW throttle and EMS.
Gearbox: Six-speed with AQS up and down. Clutch: Wet multi-plate with mechanical slipper, cable.

Chassis: Dual beam alloy frame with removable alloy sub-frame
Rake: 24.1° Trail: 104.7mm
Suspension: Kayaba 41mm upside down fork with top out spring, aluminium pins to fasten radial callipers. Both stanchions allow for rebound, compression and spring pre-load adjustment. Wheel travel: 110 mm (f), Asymmetric aluminium swingarm. Single shock with top out spring and separate reservoir, adjustable in rebound, compression and spring preload. Wheel travel: 130mm
Brakes: 320mm rotors (f), Brembo radial-mount four 32mm piston calipers and radial pump master-cylinder, stainless braided lines, ABS, 220mm rotor (r), Brembo twin 34mm piston caliper, ABS
Wheels & Tyres: Aluminium alloy, 17 x 3.50in (f), 17 x 5.50in (r)

Wheelbase: 1370mm
Seat height: 820mm
Overall width: 805mm
Overall Length: 1995mm

Instruments & Electronics: TFT display, Six axis IMU, APRC pack: AWC (wheelie control), ATC (traction control), AEB (engine brake control), AEM (power maps), ACC (cruise control), Cornering ABS.

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