Pro Accessories have announced the availability of the Bolt Motorcycle Hardware CR125 and CR250 Two Stroke Pro-Pack kits, which contain complete two-stroke overhaul kits for the relevant model, making for a great one-stop purchase for all those needs.

Included are all the fasteners and bushings for bodywork, outer case bolts, cylinder and head fasteners, swingarm hardware, triple-clamp hardware, brake hardware, sprocket bolts, rotor bolts, rear axle nut, pipe springs, pipe silencer seal, drain plug washers, and Bolt’s exclusive thread chasers. Also includes expansion chamber O-rings, pipe to muffler coupler, pipe springs and all outer engine, chassis and wheel hardware in factory style and finish for a complete CR two-stroke overhaul.

Two Stroke Honda Pro Pack CR 250cc (2000-2007)

Two Stroke Honda Pro Pack CR 250cc (2000-2007)

The kits come in two CR options:

  • Two Stroke Honda Pro Pack CR 125cc (2000-2007)
  • Two Stroke Honda Pro Pack CR 250cc (2000-2007)

These kits are guaranteed to include all fasteners for the following:

  • BODYWORK: seat, all plastics, fuel tank
  • ENGINE: clutch cover, right side case cover, cylinder, head, power valve covers,
    water pump cover, radiators, drain plug washers, reed valve
  • EXHAUST: rubber silencer collar, pipe springs, pipe and silencer mount bolts
  • CHASSIS: bar clamps, upper and lower triple-clamps, lower sub-frame, front axle clamps
  • WHEELS, DRIVE LINE & BRAKES: rear sprocket, rotors, brake systems, carburettor screws, chain adjusters, front and back chain sliders
Two Stroke Honda Pro Pack CR 125cc (2000-2007)

Two Stroke Honda Pro Pack CR 125cc (2000-2007)

Ask your local bike shop about the kits or call Pro Accessories on (07) 3277 0675

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