Arai released the DF-X2 diffuser for the RX-7V helmet. Arai say they have put it through air tunnel testing in the hopes of it increasing performance on the street...

Arai have just released the DF-X2 diffuser for the RX-7V helmet. Arai say the diffuser was designed to improve stability and increase ventilation performance, light weight and frangible so as not to interfere with the “Glancing Off” performance of the helmet.

Arai introduced the new Arai Spoiler DF-X2 for the RX-7V recently. They say the Spoiler DF-X2 was designed and developed in the ultra-competitive environment of MotoGP and is designed to provide increased stability and aerodynamic efficiency for the rider.

The new Arai Spoiler DF-X2 is not integral to the shell and is designed to crush or detach easily when subjected to forces beyond normal use. Arai say this allows the RX-7V equipped with the Spoiler DF-X2 to provide maximum stability at speed without compromising the round, smooth and strong shell needed to manage impact energy and maximize the helmet’s glancing off ability.

The new Arai defuser is on sale now for an RRP of $69.95.

For those street riders who like the look of the DF-X2, you’ll be glad to hear that initial feedback from Arai test riders on the street suggests improved stability in turbulent air (like when passing a truck) as well as reduced buffeting at the upper limits of legal street speeds. Your results may vary, but it’s good to know there are some benefits on the street beyond just looking fast.

You can pick one up through Cassons or your local motorcycle dealership now for an RRP of $69.95.

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