Shoei have updated the colours of their popular modular lid, the Neotec II. The new Jaunt colour schemes will be available from McLoed Accessories starting this month...

The SHOEI Neotec II is a premium Sports Touring helmet with the versatility to excel no matter where your next journey takes you. The convenience of a two-in-one “flip-up” helmet with next-level aerodynamics and ventilation are available in new “Jaunt” colours!

Shoei have three new colours in the Neotec II range. Keeping you safe and making you look fresh at the same time!

An internal flip down sun-visor, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the Sena SRL2 Communication System makes the Neotec II the pinnacle of modular helmet design with no-compromise to full face protection.

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The Neotec II has a new ventilation system with inlets at the upper head and chin area, as well as outlets at the back, dramatically improving ventilation. The aerodynamics are also improved back in 2018, making it what Shoei claim to be one of the quietest touring helmets on the market today.

There is now an integrated spoiler, integrated vortex generator and new aero deflector chin spoiler. The cheek pads include a noise isolator for maximum noise reduction and comfort, while the interior is completely removable and washable. The leather chin strap is also wider, to further block excess airflow and wind noise. The visor is 3D-molded (CNS-3) and offers extra wide vision and great sealing.

Click here to see the latest Shoei catalogue from McLoed Accessories here. The Shoei Neotec II Jaunt will be landing in stores this month for an RRP of $1199.90. Available in sizes XXS – XXL.  



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