Popular boot manufacturers, Gaerne, have given us another boot to chose from. Check out all the safety features they have managed to cram into this Italian made pair of boots...

Gaerne have just released the latest in their adventure style boot line-up, the G.Dakar boots. Gaerne say they have designed the boot for an “anti-social” rider, someone who loves to go deep out into the rough terrain but wants to come back home in one piece. 

Available in sizes UK 9 to UK 13, go and try on a pair of Gaernes premier off-road boots today!

Gaerne say that this boot can easily cope with all weather conditions and any terrain thanks to their extensive use of protective features they have come up with in their many years of boot production. Made in Italy, this high quality boot has the upper in full grain leather with breathable and waterproof Goretex performance membrane.

Gaernes innovative ankle pivot system forms a flexible link between upper boot and lower foot area for added control and support. The PU shin plate reinforcement, frame-gripping suede inner calf guard, aluminum buckle and velcro strap make customised fit, which is an important part of safety gear. The lug-soled sole tread offers a superior grip on any terrain.

Gaerne have marketed the G.Dakar boots for the anti-social rider. Made to go anywhere you desire.

If you’re interested in the G.Dakar boots, you can head to the Gaerne website here. If you are interested in purchasing a pair, contact Cassons and they will find a store that stocks them near you or direct you to an online purchasing system.

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