Kenma Australia have just announced that Oggy Knobbs are now available for the new for 2018 Honda CB300R, with Promoto’s model-specific Oggy Knobbs designed to take the brunt of impacts and road surface abrasion and significantly reduce repair costs after a fall.

Only the strongest, most resilient materials are used to ensure strength, performance and appearance. State of the art manufacturing techniques like CNC machining, laser cutting and MIG welding are used in the production process for accuracy and perfect fit.

Oggy Knobbs now available for 2018 Honda CB300R

Oggy Knobbs now available for 2018 Honda CB300R, offering simple bolt on protection

The aluminum compression components are made from aircraft grade 7075 T6511, the bolts are de-embrittled, high tensile items, zinc plated and clear chromates, the “plastic” used in the sliders is Acetal for the best combination of shock absorption, abrasion resistance and strength.

All metallic components are fully finished for corrosion resistance and durability as well as a pleasing appearance. If you do have to use them and need to replace parts, spares are readily available. The knobbs are available in either black or white and are a fraction of the average bike repair bill.

Oggy Knobbs now available for 2018 Honda CB300R

Oggy Knobbs make an ideal choice for protecting your machine, and reducing repair costs, especially on a learner legal machine, while these are a low profile design that work well with the CB300R’s styling.

2018 Honda CB300R Oggy Knobbs

  • Oggy Knobbs (Black, no cut) OK518 $195.00
  • Oggy Knobb (White, no cut) OK519 $195.00

These new Oggy Knobbs are available now from your favourite motorcycle store anywhere in Australia. See for more information, or visit your local motorcycle store.

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