Cassons have just released the 2021 Silkolene Oils catalogue, check out all the latest in oil technology from one of the industry leaders in the motorcycle market...

Cassons have just released the latest Australian Catalogue for Silkolene Oils Featuring the complete Silkolene range of oils and maintenance products from the UK, the Australian catalogue can be downloaded for in store use now.

The new Silkolene oils catalogue for Australia is out now. Check out all the latest in oil technology.

Check out the Australian Catalogue here…

Over the last few years Silkolene say their products have developed into the most comprehensive 100% dedicated Motorcycle range. The development of their Market leading XP Technology, offers increased fuel economy, reduced oil consumption, increased API specs and enhanced BHP across the Pro4 and Comp4 range.

To ensure they can clearly display all the latest advantages they have re-designed our front label. The new front labels will ensure that you, the customer, can make a fast, confident decision when purchasing FUCHS oil.

Their new label system allows for riders to make a easy choice with what they want to run in their bike.

Silkolene have been aiming towards a safer and more environmental friendly way to delier you premium oil as also new for 2021 is the “Lube Cube” with more environmentally friendly packaging, that’s just started to come into the range on 4 litre product only.

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