Shoei have just announced their 2021 helmet lineup with all new looks for the X-Spirit III, GT-Air II and the Neotec II. Coming into the new year, its the perfect time to add some riding gear onto your Christmas list with the new designs in store now and more being released in early 2021.

The Shoei X-Spirit iii is on sale with a price of $1249.90 RRP

The X-Spirit III has been developed putting value on the use at circuits, setting the position where a rider strongly leans forward as basic position. Shoei have said the shell is designed by analyzing the riding wind running from the front part of the helmet to rear, and then to back of a racing suit at the wind tunnel facility.

Shoei X-Spirit III Highlights 

  • AERODYNE TC-4 design is $1249.90 RRP
  • Cheek vent system
  • Wind tunnel tested to reduce drag
  • Emergency quick release system

The Shoei GT-Air ii is on sale with a price of $1099.90 RRP

The shell design of the new Shoei GT-Air 2 has been evolved but remains true to its aerodynamic and stable roots. Featuring an improved ventilation scheme, the GT-Air II includes the lengthened QSV-2 drop down sun visor which provides 5mm more coverage for instant sun relief.

SHOEI GT-Air 2 Highlights

  • Wind tunnel tested to reduce drag
  • Built-in QSV-2 sun shield gives riders quick relief from sun glare
  • Three intake, six exhaust vents
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included
  • Emergency quick release system
  • Emblem, Lucky Charms, Panorama and the TC-10 designs all $1099.90 RRP

SHOEI GT-Air 2 Gallery 


The Shoei Neotec II is on sale with a price of $1149.90 RRP

The Neotec II features the convenient “flip-up” versatility of a two-in-one helmet combined with the  aerodynamics of their helmet range, an internal sun shield, the Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system, and the ability to integrate with the all-new SENA SRL/SRL2 Communication Systems, Shoei claim the Neotec II is the pinnacle of modular helmet design for today’s hybrid motorcyclists.

Shoei Neotec II Highlights

  • Wind tunnel tested to reduce drag
  • Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system
  • Flip-up two-in-one design
  • Fully removable comfort system
  • Separator designs are $1149.90 RRP

    Shoei Neotec II Gallery

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