Cassons have just received the latest arrival back into their warehouse, the entry level range of Scorpion helmets, which are a top sellers of theirs. Built tough and simple to ECE 2205 safety standards, Scorpion helmets keep it simple with their designs with a choice of black or black.

At $99.95 you seriously can’t go wrong with this helmet.

The Matt Black Scorpion Bandit open face helmet adopts a very minimalistic design, it has no studs across the visor, its low profile and comes with a tiny price tag of just $99.95. Not much to complain about with that price.

The Scorpion Boulevard Modular takes on the flip up design, making it easier to get some decent airflow in when you want and gives you the choice of a full face when you want.

The modular design makes it easier to have more vision and airflow at the press of a button.

Cassons simply describe it has “It flips up, it’s matt black, it’s ECE 2205 approved – ‘nuff said, get cruising on the boulevard!” you can pick one up for $179.95 RRP.

If you want to keep the bugs out but keep the low key image, you can opt for the Scorpion Stealth Googles with a mask. Scorpion say it’s the perfect match for our their open face helmet. Stealth Goggle and face mask all in one. Self-isolate and protect yourself the Scorpion way. you can pick the combo up for just $49.95

Keep all the bugs out with the goggles and mask combo.

Head to the Cassons website for the whole range, pricing and size info.


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