Yep, that’s right! The SMSP Ride Day dates for the remainder of 2020 are now online and ready for booking, so get online and start booking! Some upcoming dates are already sold out, so get in while you can to ensure your spot for a future date!

Jeff had fun testing the Yamaha R3 from YRD recently at SMSP. 

  • Saturday 4th July (AM/PM) – Sold Out
  • Sunday 12th July (AM/PM) – Sold Out
  • Monday 13th July (AM/PM) – Sold Out
  • Saturday 18th July (AM/PM) – Sold Out
  • Friday 7th August – Filling Fast – Book Now!
  • Saturday 8th August – Sold Out
  • Sunday 30th August – Filling Fast – Book Now!
  • Monday 14th September – Book Now!
  • Monday 5th October (Labour Day) – Book Now!
  • Saturday 10th October – Book Now!
  • Sunday 11th October – Book Now!

For any questions or further information, simply email, or give SMSP a call on 0490 281 840.

For a full listing of dates click here

Tyres Tyres and More Tyres
You know SMSP sell tyres? Did you know that they have a complete range of Dunlop & Pirelli treads and slicks? Did you know that they have everything from sport road / track tyres right through to the tyres currently used in ASBK – with around 150-200 tyres in stock at every SMSP Ride Day? Did you know that they have extremely competitive pricing? Oh, last but not least, did you know that they don’t charge for fitting?

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso II builds on the original tyres performance, with some dramatic gains

SMSP has an abundance of treads and slicks from both Dunlop and Pirelli, and they don’t charge for fitting!

For more information about stock availability and prices, email SMSP or call on 0490 281 840.

Glenn Allerton Suspension Developments
Glenn is a 3 Times Australian Superbike champion and has been working on motorcycle Suspension  for over 18 years. The Suspension Optimisations at SMSP Ride Days includes setting the rider sag to hold the motorcycle geometry in the correct position and dialling in the suspension damping to suit each riders demands.

As part of the service, tyre pressures are also checked and set to individual needs. The GASD crew will then check the riders progress throughout the day, measuring tyre wear and suspension travel, and help the bike perform at its maximum – giving each rider confidence and safety.


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