The light and versatile Ventura Bike-Pack system is now available for the 2020 Ducati Diavel 1260 models. Ventura say the key to the system is the L-Bracket, which is made to measure to fit each model of bike and custom designed to complement the unique styling of each motorcycle.

Ducati Diavel 1260 fitted with the Mistral 47L kit.

Once fitted with L-Brackets, the Ducati Diavel 1260 will accommodate a range of luggage options via the Astro Top Box, Sport Rack, Pack Rack, Grab Handle or EVO Rack. The Ventura system allows up to 102 litres of luggage carrying capacity with two Aero-Spada’s zipped together all the way down to the 10 litre Sport-Pack.

The EVO range features the all-new adjustable EVO Rack, with sleek styling as it has no high “loop” to better match the lines of any motorcycle it is fitted to. Compatible with all Ventura L-Brackets, EVO features the new adjustable mounting system allowing the EVO Rack to be mounted in four positions on the same bike to better match the bike and the rider’s preference.

Ducati Diavel 1260 fitted with the 32L Astro topbox kit.

Ventura say their rack system ensures that the load won’t shift, even during hard riding while the positioning offers excellent stability. Positioning the load directly behind the rider should give much greater maneuverability in traffic and less wind resistance on the open road compared to traditional pannier systems. You can find the all Ventura systems for the Ducati Diavel 1260 here.

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EVO Rack Kits and Pricing

  • EVO-12 sports Kit RRP $399.00 Part # D055EV12
  • EVO-22 Jet Stream Kit RRP $439.00 Part # D055EV22
  • EVO-40 Sports Touring Kit RRP $489.00 Part # D055EV40
  • EVO-60 Jet Stream Kit RRP $579.00 Part # D055EV60

Pack Frame Touring Kits and Pricing

  • Aero-Spada 51L Touring Kit RRP $489.00  Part # D0550651
  • Rally-Euro 44-56L Touring Kit RRP $459.00 Part # D0550656
  • Mistral 47L Touring Kit RRP $559.00 Part # D0551247

Astro Top Box

  • Astro TOP BOX Complete Kit  RRP $379.00 Part # D0551432

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