Which Multistrada are you? A question with so many different answers. On one hand, Ducati’s go-anywhere bike is a tough companion on rough roads, but it’s also plenty of fun to take on the tarmac through the twisties. Ducati ANZ have accessory packs to choose which Multistrada you’re after!

The Minimum Preload function, already introduced on the Multistrada V4 S in 2022, allows the rider to "lower" the bike when stopping and riding at low speed.

Ducati ANZ have some accessory packs to choose which Multistrada you’re after!

A key aspect of the Multistrada V4’s appeal – one that has endured throughout the Ducati’s 20-year history, is performance. However, the definition of performance can be as diverse as the rider in the saddle. To some, performance is a visceral experience, while for others it is about resilience in tough conditions. Fortunately, both camps can have it their way when the Multistrada V4 is concerned.

While already uber-versatile in standard specification, the Multistrada can also be complimented by a complete suite of tried-and-tested genuine factory accessories, designed to suit a multitude of purposes. For those dedicated to an even bigger big city life, the optional Urban Package is designed just for them.

Whichever accessories package riders choose based on their definition of ultimate performance, they are sure to find it with their accessories-enhanced Multistrada…

Optional Urban Aluminum Accessory Package (Multistrada V4)
Ensuring maximum riding pleasure and practicality during daily travels, whether in town or in medium range touring, the Multistrada V4’s optional Urban accessory package combines a spacious aluminium top case for all the daily essentials, a handy pocket tank bag equipped with Tanklock quick-coupling system for keeping personal items safe and accessible at all times, and a useful USB socket to charge electronic devices. This package is designed with daily comfort in mind for the perfect urban lifestyle that’s even ideal for a weekend getaway or two.

Optional Anti-Theft Kit
Parking in an unfamiliar location? Want to keep your Multistrada V4 and personal belongings safe from harm? Finding a spot in a dimly-lit side street need no-longer be cause for panic. Owners can add some additional personal comfort with the optional Anti-Theft Kit for the Multistrada V4. The accessory kit includes motion, tamper and lift sensors with an integrated siren, with the added convenience of being controlled by remote control.

Recommended retail pricing and specifications

Ducati Multistrada V4 Urban Aluminum Accessory Package:

  • Aluminium top case, Tanklock® pocket tank bag, USB socket. RRP $2,059.16, excluding dealer fitment

Ducati Multistrada V4 Anti-Theft Kit:

  • Device with motion, tamper and lift detection, includes remote control. RRP $528.22, excluding dealer fitment

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