This custom V-Rod from Pega Custom Cycles is a wicked machine with a staggering attention to detail in every aspect… Words: Kris Hodgson, Photography: Knackers BDP

When it comes to performance there’s one Harley-Davidson that’s a go-to motorcycle for custom bike builders, and that’s the V-Rod. 

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The aim for many custom bike builders is to meet if not exceed the original manufacturers attention to detail and workmanship, with Joe well and truly doing so on this V-Rod.

The V-Rod features the Revolution motor, which was jointly developed with Porsche, and broke the Harley-Davidson mold in several ways. Features included water-cooling, overhead cams and being a 60-degree V-twin, with the V-Rod following loosely in the footsteps of the HD VR-1000 drag racing machine.

With 120hp claimed output at the crank on a standard later generation V-Rod with 1250cc Revolution engine it’s no wonder that Joe of Pega Custom Cycles chose this particular bike for the project. Joe actually admitted there was never really a question, “It was built for my son, and it was never going to be anything else but a V-Rod, as this was my son’s dream bike.”

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Almost every detail has been customised, from the simple through to the extravagant, such as the bespoke PCC forks and swingarm.

It’s easy to see why, with the V-Rod being the iconic American muscle bike for a generation (or two!) and this machine has seen the Pega Custom Cycles (PCC) treatment, with an astounding array of custom components that have turned the machine into a unique offering that draws the eye and continues impressing well after the first look.

This V-Rod was purchased in 2010 from Harley Heaven in Melbourne and was new at the time, costing around the 25k mark and would go on to receive a raft of custom PCC components, with the entire build taking a full year.

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RC Components wheels help add presence to Joe’s wicked creation, both on the front and rear.

As you’ll see from the images this build has pretty massively evolved the bike from its original form, but still maintains that V-Rod heritage and presence, with the Revolution engine dominating the bike with blacked out blocks and polished raw metal heads and cases.

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The PCC custom exhausts have been finished in a similar pattern to the diamond cut engine cases.

Performance-wise there’s also been a number of modifications, with a Screamin’ Eagle Destroyer Big Bore throttle-body kit – 58mm instead of the stock 53mm, added in conjunction with Screamin’ Eagle Destroyer injectors pumping 30 per cent more fuel flow from the six-hole twin injectors.

A K&N air filter also promotes better breathing, with 208s Crane Cams and hand-cut diamond cut cylinder heads for a particularly wicked look. The result was 148hp at the rear wheel on the dyno, which isn’t bad for a machine normally producing 120hp at the crank.

The exhaust system consists of a set of Twin Zoomie Exhaust pipes, finished with a set of PCC custom exhaust pipes to provide an aggressive mid-bike exhaust exit – not something you see every day – and matches the diamond cut heads, with similar but larger diamond cuts along the exits of the mufflers.

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Those are some seriously trick forks, with a understated No Limits Customs headlight from Germany.

Saying the front end is a trick piece of kit just doesn’t even start to do the bike justice with a full custom set of handmade PCC forks, joined by PCC handmade triple-clamps, and fork brace, with the forks featuring polished detail work and lowers over the black fork tubes, for a look that would look at home in a Ghost Rider flic.

The forks themselves are bespoke for this build, designed and crafted by Joe at PCC, and while he did admit they were a one-off, PCC can produce this kind of work to their customer’s needs on request.

The front wheel is equally trick with a wicked RC Components 21in wheel from the Flip2ide range – the Czar, with an extra special modification in the form of a 360 Brake system fitted to the front. What’s a 360 Brake you ask? It’s an ingenious hub mounted brake system that does away with the large rotors and instead mounts at the axle, and basically runs as a 360-degree braking system which makes full contact with a rotor via two pads.

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The triples and ‘bars are all bespoke PCC items, made specially for this build, with Joe specialising in one-offs and building to customer requests.

360 Brakes claim this offers comparable performance to standard braking systems as well, which makes sense as the friction area would still be large with their system. Best of all of course is the fact that people will be looking at the bike trying to figure out how you stop! The 360 Brake system is vented to help prevent overheating, with air able to flow through the caliper.

Joe did recommend the 360 brakes system as a more ideal modification for show bikes only however.

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A 300 wide RC Components rear gives the rear of the bike plenty to draw the eye, especially held by the custom swingarm, while brakes front and rear and 360 Brake systems, which are almost invisible.

The front wheel is matched by a rear RC Components Flip2ide Czar massive 300 section 18in rear wheel, also fitted with a 360 Brake system, with a custom PCC swingarm fitted to suit the wide rear wheel and tyre. Ensuring good rear end grip and performance are a set Arnotts Air Shocks, offering on board adjustment and adjustable ride-height.

The bodywork of the tail is a custom fibreglass assembly, while the aggressive front guard and tank or airbox cover is also fibreglass, that’ve since been painted by Joe. The seat unit is a bespoke piece by Con from CKT Trimming and includes an embossed warrior angel wielding a spear on the seat.

The overall paint was chosen by the boys at PCC, with a Green Candy and Pale Gold Candy scheme settled on, with some awesome airbrush work and the slogan, “Only God can judge me,” surrounded by angels across the airbox cover. The final finish is Glasurit Clear coat, with the other paints from House of Kolor.

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The paint is a work of art on it’s own and embodies the struggle between good and bad. Standard V-Rod instruments were retained.

The meaning behind the paint is the representation of Good versus Evil according to Joe, with one of his favourite sayings summing it up nicely – “Be good, and if you can’t, be extra bad.” A motto that most motorcyclists live by!

All the preparation and painting of the stock parts, including the frame, plus all the PCC bespoke items was the work of Joe of PCC, with the help of Matt Egan from Extreme Designs, with a breathtaking end result.

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All the ‘pegs are custom PCC items to match the overall colour scheme and theme and the rear suspension is Arnott’s Air adjustable Shocks.

Plus there’s a huge array of mainly PCC accessories that add impressive detail to the machine, like the forward controls, which consist of machined billet pegs, with bladed controls, that match the front levers and hand protectors. This is again matched to the PCC grips, which are fixed to the PCC handlebars and allow the mounting of a No Limits Custom headlight from Germany. The rear tail light was a second hand donor item from a Japanese bike.

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That’s one seriously clean rear end, thanks to the custom tail unit, which hugs the rear wheel and incorporates a tiny tail light. You can also see vision through the mirrors is… limited.

One thing that’s impossible to deny is the passion and attention to detail that’s gone into this awesome machine, with every line, colour and modification combining to create a one of a kind machine.

It’s a testament to the work Joe does at Pega Custom Cycles and an inspiration for any would be builder, or anyone looking to have similar work done, with the end result featuring a level of detail that’s hard to find even on a stock machine.


Joe, Pega Custom Cycles

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SPECIFICATIONS: Pega Custom Cycles Neon Black V-Rod

ENGINE:  2010 Harley-Davidson V-Rod, Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 1250cc (76cu in) V-twin, 105 x 72mm bore a stroke, 11.5:1 compression, Screamin’ Eagle Destroyer Big Bore throttle-body kit, Screamin’ Eagle Destroyer injectors, K&N air filter, 208s Crane Cams, hand-cut diamon cut cylinder heads, Twin Zomie exhaust headers, PCC custom exhaust pipes,  EFI, belt final drive

CHASSIS: 2010 Harley-Davidson V-Rod frame, PCC bespoke – swingarm, forks, triple-clamps, fork brace, handlebars, RC Components Flip2ide Czar 21in front wheel, 18in 300 section rear wheel, 360 Brake front and rear brake systems, Arnotts Air Shocks

BODYWORK: PCC custom bodywork including tail, tank, radiator guard, front guard, PCC – bladed levers, pegs, pillion pegs, , No Limits Custom headlight, aftermarket mirrors, CKT Trimming custom seat, Green Candy & Pale Gold Candy paintwork by Joe and Matt Egan of Extreme Designs


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