Here's our long term update on a set of Macna Talon waterproof gloves, which have proven a good mild weather and winter option, with reliable waterproof qualities. Review by Kris Hodgson

I made a special effort to test these Macna Talon Gloves out since the original write up at the end of June, and I’ll admit, after three months of basically daily riding, they are holding up well.

Proper wet weather has been far and between, so there’s only been a few occasions I’ve been able to properly test that aspect of the gloves, however in those instances the waterproofing is reliable and does the job. There’s definitely no water ingress in any locations, and after a good hour in the pelting rain they remained as dry and warm as I could expect.

Checking out the Macna Talon Glove during the Yamaha MT-10SP testing

Checking out the Macna Talon Glove during the Yamaha MT-10SP testing

We have had some hot mid-30s days, and the gloves still end up feeling a bit warm in these situations, which is where the dreaded sweaty hands comes in, and they can end up a bit damp. Part of this is if you’re stuck in stop/start situations like traffic, or you’re doing photo shoots all day, on and off a bike.

It’s probably the more extreme end of the testing spectrum, as most people jump on their bike and either do short trips, or alternatively, much longer trips, where constant air-flow will help cool the glove. For spring though, with that moderate weather that’s quite changeable, these have been an ideal gloves and facing the prospect of wet weather certainly isn’t a chore when you’re wearing them. I carry a set of lighter full leather summer gloves with me now, and if it gets too hot for the Macna Talons I switch.




Getting the Velcro wrist adjusters undone when removing the gloves is also still a struggle but I’m used to it by now. They need a grippier/larger piece to hold onto here, as with a glove on, it’s difficult.

Macna Talon Gloves

Macna Talon Gloves

Overall I’m impressed by the Talon Glove, I think they are still on the pricier end of things, but honestly even more extensive testing is needed to justify, or disprove this. I normally run a $80 set of light winter/waterproof gloves and replace them yearly. If these can last two or three years, then the price is well and truly justified. So far, so good.

You can find the original test here: Product Review: Macna Talon Gloves, where the gloves scored an 8/10 overall.

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