RNT offer a growing range of affordable gear for the budget conscious rider. Review: Dave Earp

Product Review RNT KS1009 Motorcycle Glove Kevlar Denim Jeans (3)
RNT are a fairly new sports and motorcycle apparel company who look set to make an impact on the affordable biker gear market.

While the product range is limited at the moment, the quality of the gear tells me they will only get more popular as they build on their brand and range.

RNT KS1009 Gloves

Product Review RNT KS1009 Motorcycle Glove Kevlar Denim Jeans (2)I was given a pair of the KS1009 leather gloves to review, and have been riding with them for a few weeks now as my main gloves. I have found them to be quite a usable glove, and on the whole have been very happy with them. 

The leather feels soft and flexible allowing comfortable grip and control on the handlebars. I found that compared to other gloves I’ve used, the cuff was a good size and allowed easy fit over my jacket sleeves. 

Given that I have been wearing the gloves throughout the end of summer and into the early stages of autumn, I have found them to be a touch on the warm side on the hotter days, but generally in the mild weather, or early morning rides, they are a good level of protection and comfort.

One thing I found lacking – and this is more to do with the range currently available than to the design of the glove itself – is that I need an XL sized glove. Currently only available in Large size, I found overall the glove feels comfortable, however with the size of my hand, the  glove left me with noticeable pressure on the tips of my fingers from all the seams inside.  Also, the stretch of the glove when opening my hand all the way out gave me the impression that I need the larger size.  I would expect that the XL when becomes available will be one of my go-to gloves for the general run around riding that I do.

They are available in Black/Green, Black/Grey, Black/Black and retail for $89.99 incl GST a pair, and if you keep an eye on their Facebook page (facebook.com/RNTClothing), they have specials where you may pick them up even cheaper.

RNT Kevlar Denim Jeans

Product Review RNT KS1009 Motorcycle Glove Kevlar Denim Jeans (1)The first time I wore these jeans, I noticed immediately that they were lighter and fitted better than my current jeans. The reinforced rear and knees provide the additional layer of protection without contributing greatly to the extra heat that my other jeans seem to generate. They have a longer cut on the legs to allow for full coverage of the leg when riding, as some jeans have the tendency to climb up the leg on certain bikes.

Style-wise, they are a nice, understated design and I would be happy wearing them out and about in the cooler months whether I’m riding or not. There is, however, a large RNT logo on the right back pocket. Whether this is an issue or not is up to the individual. I don’t mind it, particularly with the black jeans I have as the colours in the logo are generally dark and don’t stand out massively.

The Kevlar pants are available in either jeans or a cargo style pant, with a couple of additional pockets on the cargo pants. Both the Cargo and the jeans have additional internal pockets to add extra padding. They are currently available in men’s size 34, with more to be released in the future – you can place orders for other sizes on their Facebook page. Retail is $139 incl GST.

Product Review RNT KS1009 Motorcycle Glove Kevlar Denim Jeans (4)

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