Dave adds a set of Macna Fugitive winter gloves to his gear for his first winter riding a motorcycle, and finds them a great addition. Review by David Earp

Being a newer rider, this winter has been my first season I’ve been on the bike a bit, and really discovered the need for winter gloves. Enter Macna’s Fugitive winter gloves. These gloves were a revelation to me and I’ve very much enjoyed riding with them since I’ve had them.

Macna Fugitive Gloves

The Macna Fugitive Gloves proved warm for short to medium term rides, but hand temperature would drop on longer rides, which tends to be the case once it’s cold enough.

That said, I hit a bit of a snag in late June, suffering an open fracture of my left ring finger in a little tree felling incident. After a month and a half in a finger splint and unable to wear gloves, I was certainly keen to get back on the bike.

Since I have had these gloves, I have found them quite warm for the short to medium length rides. On my longer rides, I felt that I needed to move my hands around a bit to keep blood circulating, otherwise my fingers grew cold. The goat leather and liner combination allowed almost identical movement when comparing to my summer gloves, giving credence to Macna’s claim that they are a sports glove for winter.

2017 CFMoto 650MT

The Fugitive gloves also lived true to the claim of offering sports-like winter comfort, not hindering hand movement

The gloves were easy to put on, and the wrist and cuff straps could be easily manipulated once wearing the gloves. I haven’t yet had a reason to use the screen cleaner, which is the small strip of rubber on each forefinger, and the palm, finger and knuckle protectors, all do their job without impeding the feel or grip on the handlebars.

The challenge I found with the gloves is the sizing. My two other pairs of gloves are Large, but with the Macna range I found I needed to get the 2XL to get a comfortable fit. With sizes ranging from S up to 3XL, those with larger hands may have issues getting a good fit.

Macna Fugitive Gloves

With the Macna Fugitive Gloves sizing seems smaller than normal, with a normal Large wearer requiring a 2XL instead.

These gloves are a fantastic addition to my riding gear, and they’ll certainly be getting more use in the colder months.

The Macna Fugitive Gloves are available in sizes Small to 3XL in Black and Fluo Yellow, for $189.95 RRP. For more information see the Link International website, or your local Macna stockist.

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