The Spidi Track Leather Jacket is a premium leather jacket offering great comfort and protection, on the road or track... Review: Kris Hodgson

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The Spidi Track Leather Jacket has great styling, with the white areas providing additional visibility at night thanks to their reflective properties.

Spidi’s Track Leather Jacket in Black/White is a very nice piece of kit. It’s constructed of premium 1.2mm full grain cowhide leather, with CE Force Tech protectors on the impact areas, such as on the shoulders and elbows and includes reflective sections for additional night time safety and visibility.

Ensuring the Track Leather jacket is as good to wear as it is to look at, is a mesh inner liner, with Flex Tenax areas that help the jacket conform to your body shape, while also providing good breathability.

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It’s a relatively simple design for those who aren’t after something that looks like race leathers

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High quality fasteners and zips ensure that the jacket will have a nice long life if it is taken care of.

For those looking for a two-piece suit to allow for a bit more flexibility, while still meeting your local track requirements, the jacket also has fastenings that allow it to connect to specific Spidi pants, although we haven’t put these to the test as yet.

The jacket itself weighs in at 2.3kg, which is on the light side, with what Spidi call ‘Hard Leather’, which still maintains exceptional suppleness, which is sure to only get better as the jacket ages, especially if it is well taken care of.

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The shoulder vents provide a surprising amount of airflow once opened. It’s an impressive design!

The shoulder vents are also a really nice touch, they are the two small red zips located quite high on the shoulders, and are quite inflexible. This ensures that when unzipped the two sides part and ensure air can easily flow through the ensuing gap. It seems like a relatively small air vent and I’ll admit to being dubious about how much air would be being directed into the jacket, but if you’re doing a reasonable speed on the road, there’s actually really good airflow.

The arm length is also really good, with ideally tailored shape and sizing for me, although this will vary from rider to rider. You are paying a premium price at $799.95 RRP (AUD), but a quick look over the jacket reveals exceptional craftsmanship and quality, which is only reinforced by putting the jacket on and going for a ride.

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The material along the shoulders and under the arms provides extra breathability.

It isn’t a waterproof jacket of course, and not long after I received it we started getting wet weather. Go figure! In the sunny periods however this jacket became my new favourite, even on the really warm days, and is perfect for your weekend bash out on the bike. It’s also light enough to wear around off the bike and stylish enough that you won’t be getting any strange looks.

The Spidi Track Leather Jacket doesn’t however come with back armour, so you’ll need to purchase one to suit, with Spidi offering their Warrior back protectors, with the Level 1 or Level 2 suited to this jacket. This does offer the advantage of allowing a standalone back protector to be worn if that’s what you prefer.

Special Thanks: Moto National Accessories.

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Testing out the Spidi Track Leather Jacket and other new gear from Moto National Accessories on the new 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R. Awesome bike, great new gear!

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