The Five WFX Tech winter glove is an ideal choice for cold and wet riding. Review: Kris Hodgson

Bike Review Five WFX Tech Gloves (2)

We’re still in autumn but the Five WFX Tech gloves have so far proven great, with limited wet weather. Stay tuned for an update once we reach full on winter weather!

If you’re like me, you may hate being stuck wearing heavy gloves in winter, especially in the wet, and I’ll often just use summer gloves. Over the years I’ve found a few solutions that do a good job in winter without taking away all feel.

The Five WFX Tech gloves have just been added to that list, and they are my favourite so far.

Bike Review Five WFX Tech Gloves (1)

Leather palms offer good protection and a carbon-fibre palm heel armour help protect this area.

The WFX Tech features leather palms with Digitial Pittard reinforcement, with the additional protection provided by leather extending up onto the ends of the fingers, and the outsides of your hands. The non-leather areas are Nylon/Neoprene, with knuckle and finger joint armour incorporated into the fabric and leather, where applicable. There’s also a carbon-fibre palm slider that protects the heel of your hand in an off.

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The double cuff, or glove within a glove design.

Internally there’s a Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane, with Thinsulate lining for warmth, while the double closure system can be seen when putting on the gloves, with what looks like a ‘glove-within-a-glove’ design.

There’s just two straps, one at the wrist and the other at the cuff, although the cuff doesn’t offer a heap of adjustment.

Five WFX Tech Impression

The WFX Tech gloves aren’t super light, in fact they give a similar feel to most of the track gloves I’ve used in the past, in which you can tell there’s a reasonable amount of material (leather) between your hand and the grips.

But I still rate the WFX Tech well, as there’s good feel and the design of the gloves ensures you aren’t cramping your hand, or ending up with clumps of material under your palms. Precurved fingers help, and the armour in the knuckles and finger joints (on top of the fingers) isn’t something you can feel while wearing the gloves.

Coming into winter we’re finally getting a bit of rain and the gloves have so far proven waterproof, but that’s been mainly in rain showers, not extended downpours, but is still a good start. Warmth also hasn’t been an issue on the crisp mornings, with the gloves retaining heat well and providing good protection from the wind. The gloves can be a little on the warm side with the cool mornings that turn into 30-degree days we’ve been having, but they breathe relatively well for a winter glove.

I’ll be using the WFX Tech gloves throughout winter and they’ll be getting a fair bit more wet weather riding, as well as longer rides in the cold, so I’ll provide an update in a month or two, once the gloves have been put through their paces long term, to see how they’ve fared.

Check your local Five Advanced Gloves stockist for availability. $159.95 RRP.

Special Thanks: Moto National Accessories.

Bike Review Five WFX Tech Gloves (2)

Bike Review Five WFX Tech Gloves (1)


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