The XPD XP3-S Boots are a great track and sports touring offering for dry weather riding, while remaining surprisingly water resistant. Review: Kris Hodgson

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The XPD XP3-S Boots are designed for the mid to high end sports rider, combining strong protection with exceptional comfort.

XPD Boots are actually a company started by Spidi back in 2000, and offer a huge range of motorcycling boots, with representation across MotoGP and WSBK.

Their mission as they describe it is, “The intense research and engineering work done by XPD channels towards a new kind of proposing, projecting and producing every single part where research, experience, technology and design are able to produce boots particularly advanced in terms of reliability, quality, comfort and safety.”

We’ve just received a pair of the XP3-S Boots, a mid-range offering designed for the track or sport riding, with a mention of sport touring as well. They aren’t waterproof, but are a full length boot, with plenty of ventilation which helps keep your feet from overheating in the warmer weather.

The XP3-S boots themselves are a light sports/track type boot. You’ve got a replaceable toe slider made of stainless steel to help ensure you aren’t destroying your boot in the first set of corners or track session you come across, and they are very very light.

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Heel reinforcement and armour, and ankle armour ensures good support, with venting in the heel for airflow and moisture dispersion.

The XP3-S also isn’t a full rigid boot, the heels are reinforced, with armour at the ankles and a rear fin situated on the back of your calf, designed for maximum aerodynamics. There’s plenty of vents, in the shin armour, the rear fins and heels, while the inside/instep of the boots feature suede for the additional heat protection properties, ensuring if your bike’s radiating heat your not suffering.

Helping keep moisture and sweat to a minimum is the AirTech arch support with specially designed inner mesh, with a nylon innersole for good wear and comfort. The sole is made of vulcanised rubber and features rounded edges with an ideal design for a natural and comfortable resting position when your boots are on the bike’s pegs.

A single heavy duty zip with two Velcro sections hold the boots in place and the top of the boot incorporates a polyurethane fastening band, which makes sure the boots ‘grip’ your leathers to prevent them moving around.

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In black the XP3-S isn’t gaudy, with simple styling.

XPD XP3-S Boot Impression

What really stood out to me with these boots was just how comfortable they are. They are easy to put on and there was no wear in period. Within five minutes they felt like a much loved old pair of boots from a comfort perspective. While not fully rigid, the boots also provide plenty of support, which is great on the bike but means I wouldn’t want to be walking around excessively in the boot – it generally wears boots prematurely.

They also sit easily on my bike’s pegs (a sportbike) and definitely help reduce the amount of heat felt coming off the engine, which is uncomfortable when stuck in weather in the warmer weather.

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Replaceable toe sliders ensure you don’t irreversibly damage your boot on your first ride and are easy to replace. Reinforcement over the toes also allows for easy gear upshifts and helps reduce wear across the toes.

The venting does its job on the move, ensuring boot temperature remains comfortable, and there’s no noticeable build up of sweat or moisture in the rides I’ve taken so far. I haven’t had a chance to do a full day touring trip yet, but will provide an update once I have.

All the expected features are present and everything comes together well and the build quality is really good, as you’d expect from a brand owned by Spidi. The XPD XP3-S are available in sizes 38-48 in the Black (pictured) for $475 RRP, and are a premium boot.

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Suede on the inside/instep of the boot, for better heat protection. Two velcro sections for an ideal fit, with a single zip, with velcro fastener to ensure it doesn’t undo on the run.

I’d recommend the XP3-S Boots as a great dry weather all rounder that’ll cope well with limited walking duties, but really excels as a comfortable, well vented all rounder that can handle track days, sport riding, and sport touring duties. Plus being so light it’s not a huge drama carrying them around – they are bulky but weight isn’t an issue.

Special Thanks: Moto National Accessories.

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In action on the 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R with the XPD XP3-S Boots.

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